Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beach walk in MI with Leslie

I'm back! I took a great beach walk in Michigan with my friend Leslie TH. The sun was coming up and I knew it was going to be another hot one but I looked forward to walking along the shore with Leslie. The sun rising before me as I head East.
The traffic wasn't bad but the road construction slowed me down by 15 minutes. Ok, ok, it made me drive the speed limit.
So, about five minutes before I arrived to Leslie's beach the sky changed to overcast which almost looked like rain. I didn't care, I ventured on. I had made a mermaid tear bag for Leslie for her beach walks.
The short walk to the beach over the dune was so pretty. Leslie said wild roses and lupine grow along the path in Spring.
 There was a little coolness in the air and it felt great for a walk, especially since we were anticipating 90 degree full sun meltdown.
Leslie bought her pail ready for treasure hunting.
The further we walked the more fog blew in. We could feel drops of moisture and you could see the fog moving in clusters. On the way back we realized our hair was wet, and not from perspiration. LOL. My wispy bangs actually dripped from the moisture in the air...not rain. All the pretty dunes and homes I had planned on photographing on the return walk was pretty much hidden in the white film so next time I will take photos on the way down if there are any signs of fog.
 We found this little snapping turtle heading for the lake and stopped him. As you can see from the green color around his shell, he came from a swampy area and shouldn't be attempting the lake.
 We talked and strolled and found may treasures. It was such a pretty beach and I felt like I was on vacation.
We stopped at the park just before the beach and snapped a few pics of the blooming lily pads. Les is getting a direct shot of one.

 The park has a willow on a little area with a bench on the end to sit and enjoy the hundreds of blooming lily pads. I'm going to surprise mom with a picnic there next week. Thanks for showing me Leslie :-)
I found several shells and a read and blue, but have to locate them. They were tiny and must be in the seam of my bag, but here are my finds for today.

Yes, it was a wonderful walk this morning. I was going to visit with mom but I peeked in the window and she was asleep in her chair so I came home. I'll visit her tomorrow after my hair appointment.
Thank you for a lovely morning Leslie. 

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  1. It was so lovely to take this walk with you, and the purse you made for your friend is just exquisite.


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