Saturday, August 24, 2013

A relaxing ride to St. Joe with mom

Yesterday I promised mom I would take her yard sale-ing. I picked her up and we headed to Michigan. We stopped for breakfast and a mocha frappe and before long we saw a sign. We stopped and I found a pretty necklace with a smoothed slice of some bluish mineral. Ive seen them at gem shows and Art events and for only a dollar I grabbed it. When I got home I slipped it into jewelry cleaner then alcohol to be safe, then went to toss the box it was in and heard something under the cotton. It was another one in brown. I hope the gal knew it was in there...yikes!
Anyway, mom found a purse, she loves purses, and I told the lady I was paying then mom threw a fit. People! Can't be nice without an argument......You know who I'm talking to....

We didn't see any more signs but continued to drive. Mom wanted to stop at the dime store which is always fun. You never know what you will find in there. I resisted the urge to buy fudge and stopped in the bead store instead. I found a few new seed beads I thought I needed,LOL.

We drove down to Silver beach...Kids were cooling off in the neat fountain across from the carousel.

It was a beautiful day. On the way home I slowed to take a few more pictures of the house I adore in St. Joe. I can just imagine a lacy hammock strung from post to post lounging on a warm day with a cool breeze..ahhhhhhh. Or having mom or friends over for tea under the round area with an intricate iron table set with finger sandwiches and treats.

 Our last stop was for icy cold water which we seemed to gulp as if we had been lost in a desert,LOL. We made plans to see the movie,"You're Next" on Monday afternoon. Mom saw the preview and wants to see it so I will pack two sets of ear plugs because I'm sure there will be screaming.

Wednesday I am anxious to join my friend Leslie TH to walk her beach in search of mermaid tears. It has been quite a while since we just got to hang out and visit.

In Sept I will meet up with my other Michigan Leslie,LOL, Leslie K to possibly ride the carousel and who knows what. I haven't seen her in ages either. I will have to share the lovely album she sent me last week of St. Joe. It is wonderful!

So, I'm going to head out to do some yard work before finishing another sewing project which I will share soon. My son and Megan will be visiting us tomorrow for Dh's birthday the 21st.
JWW...sorry ladies, he's taken!

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  1. Oh this sounds so relaxing visiting and sitting on the porch of this story book house. I will imagine with you. sounds like you hit the jack pot with the necklaces. Once I got a duo prize like that and thought should I go back and tell the lady? But I didn't. It was two doilies instead of one. I love it you are so enjoying life and that is the way it should be. Have a good time with son and Megan celebrating hubbys birthday. As always love your blog. xoxoxo YRoT


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