Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Where to start?

So much has been happening and I don't know where to begin since my last post so I will just touch on whatever comes to mind.
Well, DH wanted to take a motorcycle ride so we headed to Michigan a week ago on Sunday. It was a hot sunny day and the wind felt wonderful. We stopped at our son's place and dropped off some things then continued on Red Arrow highway until we came to South Haven. We went through the small town to the marina which was quite the happening spot that day. A quaint B&B on every corner, inviting outdoor dining pubs, shops and a lot of people clad in swimsuits and bright summer apparel. I felt like we had entered a different world and yet it was so close to home.
 Carriage House at the Harbor B&B
 Yelton Manor B&B
Yelton Manor Bed and Breakfast
 The Last Resort B&B 

The Sand Castle B&B
I love St. Joe, but South Haven was really a hot spot for summer fun. I'm planning a trip with Megan and Ed for lunch at Captain Lou's soon. It reminds me of a place Terri, Dawn and I dined at in Charleston. Great atmosphere to relax and sample the seafood on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I want to return with a girlfriend to explore the shops. Any takers??????

The ride was so relaxing and every once in a while I would smell roses and sage. I tried to think what was blooming throughout the area but really didn't see anything that would have that scent except peonies. We stopped at Hacienda in Long Beach for a late lunch. We both ordered a wet burrito and took half home which we finished for dinner,LOL. It was really good. DH relaxed and I had such a nice day that I was energized and couldn't sit still so I mowed the lawn and took a swim. When I entered the water I discovered the scent I kept smelling during our ride was the new perfume I bought from Anthropologie called Happ&Stahns.
 Alright, I admit I bought it for the neat vintage ink well bottle with the pincushion lid which came with five cute pins. But I do love the old fashioned scent. As a matter of fact, I just ordered the solid perfume too, shhhh.

The following Monday I took mom shopping and when I returned home, I was greeted by this scene.
   Yes, a few choice words entered my mind, and then anger and sadness. My big Maple tree that we were going to have removed three months ago was murdered. We assumed the tree trimmer had forgotten about us and we had left several messages with no reply so who would have thought this would happen? Not us! So I mourned for the old Maple which has to be over 200 yrs old. We were going to trim one branch and let it live since it had new healthy growth. I called to see if they were coming back to clean up and they said no, that was it. Ok, I just mowed the lawn, weeded my flowers and cleaned the front porch....and how could I sit out there looking at this mess? Finally on Saturday we spent the morning with my brother and a guy with a machine to haul it away. It was tiring work but I wasn't about to stop until the murder scene was cleaned up. The lemonade? Well, there is more light in the morning for my sidewalk garden and I will plant my Redbud tree with filtered light and pretty heart shaped leaves there and remember the old Maple when the pink blooms come each spring. That is all I can do anyway. Go forward. The stump was removed yesterday and I am slowly hauling the mulch away.
 Needless to say I needed a walk on the beach to revive. I took this picture for those interested in my lake :-)
 On a good note, I received this beautiful bouquet from Megan for doing her hair for the wedding.

 I was surprised and touched and felt so appreciated. She shouldn't have but it really made my day. So, I got to enjoy the kids over the weekend. Although things didn't go as planned, I had a good weekend and now I'm getting the yard back in order. I even picked a tiny bouquet of fairy roses and blooming lavender this morning. I used the little old  bottle I bought at an antique shop in SC.
Oh, yesterday I took mom to see "The Heat" and it was so funny. A little rough language here and there, but it was quite entertaining. If you need a laugh, it is a must see. Have a great day!


  1. Oh my goodness I love your stories here. the B and B's are like something from a story book. Eating burritos, my fave and the murdering of your tree. Now that was a crime but why didn't they clean it up? Was that not part of the job? I never can out guess workers who don't clean up after themselves. I think of all the posts this one may get a triple A. The flowers and everything is just perfect for this type of day. Hugs and gotta give hubs a hug also. xoxo YRoT

  2. Oh, my goodness....that perfume bottle!!!!


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