Friday, July 19, 2013

Sweltering but enjoyable

I hope everyone is staying cool! The heat wave is almost over which means many of us will head back into the garden to tackle the weeds that took advantage of our absence. I couldn't stand it, and had to mow but it wasn't bad taking a few breaks and drinking lots of water. The day lilies have started to bloom as well as grandma's Rose of Sharon. I'm sitting on the front porch swing before the sun pops up over the corn field and chases me in the house. It is very humid and warm but I miss swinging in the morning, or a little time stitching during the day. It's nice to just leave my project on the swing and come back to it throughout the day. I wish I could share them but they are for the magazine. So you will see them in September. Speaking of the magazine, Magcloud was experiencing some issues during their sale, and I didn't have the opportunity to check it out, so my apologies to anyone who had problems purchasing. I hope Magcloud compensated for that. Remember, if you have a problem, you need to contact them. I just write the magazine, they print, ship, and receive the payments. I can only refer you to them, sorry.

Last week I went to Wakarusa with my bud Dawn. They whole town was having yard sales. We stopped at her daughters place and I met the most beautiful family of blonde bombshells. All of them looked like their mother. To top it off, they were so respectful and well behaved. So refreshing to see a family like that these days. The little boy and youngest girl went to some local sales with us and my heart was touched when the little guy bought one of his sisters a gift. Wow. So sweet.

Then we went to a couple quilt shops. Wakarusa is home to many Amish and I loved being reminded of their life style. We saw horse drawn buggies and ladies gathering to visit.
I couldn't help but snap a few photos to share, trying to be inconspicuous with my phone. We went into one quilt shop which was the cleanest and most well organized I've ever seen. They display their fabric bolts horizontally so you can view all of them without digging and unfolding. Hey Joann's , do you see this?

I can tell Dawn's mind is going a mile a minute thinking of future projects. She sews for her grandchildren as well as crazy quilting,etc. 
Look at that quilt on the wall. Gorgeous.
We stopped at a sweet shop in town, called the Dime store. Old fashioned penny candy, well, dollar candy these days, but fun to see.
Yes, I bought a few treats ok???
Then we stopped at a barn sale and I had to get a picture of these giant lilies. They were so fragrant and just beautiful. As tall as Dawn and almost as beautiful ;-)
I wanted to quickly share with you a couple packs of the odd and end trim pieces I got from Flights of Fancy Boutique. 
Beautiful and what a great price, go check it out! All are different and you never know what you'll get but trust me, and Terri from Lavender between the cracks blog, you won't be dissatisfied.

So during this heat wave I decided to tear into my studio. I moved, tossed, and organized my way through my gatherings for two days until I was content. My studio is more workable with the fabric bins across the room.
Although they do still need to be folded, I am pleased.
I have some painting to do this weekend and then some sewing. I hung my large vintage lace cards on a bulletin board for easy viewing.
A few more shots of the studio.
So that's what I've been up to in between life's happenings. Moms bike arrived but its been to hot to ride so this weekend we will take it over and I'll get a picture of her on it for you. It is so cute.
Well peeps, I'll leave you with a pic of my hydrangea just starting to bloom.
And a reminder to stay cool however way possible...........Have a good one!


  1. Morning Pat,
    You always seem to be on the go and having so much fun - wish I had quilt shops like the one you visited around me. And your studio! OMG! Love how organized you are! Maybe once the heat breaks I can think of doing the same - don't you just love those fabric bins -I might have to go back to Ikea and get a few more. Stay cool and enjoy getting back on your porch swing.

  2. Hi Pat! I'm so with you on this weather! This is supposed to be the last day of this heat and humidity, and I can't wait to get back outdoors either. My flower gardens are screaming at me! Is Wakarusa in Illinois or Michigan? I would love to make a day trip there.

  3. Oh my the fabric and the way the display them is such a treat for the eyes and the trip and the goodies. Girl you are having fun and I love it for you. the hydrangeas are so pretty. I bet you dry some for the inside don't you? Thanks for sharing your adventure to us. Now the studio rearranging, I can see me doing that and touching and touching each piece. I am thinking again about doing that, AGAIN!!! I think that is part of the fun of having an art room isn't it? Hugs and xoxoxox YRoT

  4. Hi Pat(:) Oh wow looks like a really fun day (:) hugs..P

  5. I love your organization! If at all possible, can the photos be posted larger? I would love to really see them, but they are so tiny. Anyway, thank you for sharing and posting. Your work is stunning and inspiring.


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