Monday, July 22, 2013

Good morning!

It is a perfect morning after our heat wave last week. A cool breeze filling the house and a lot of birdsong. I just filled the bird feeders and bird baths. They should be happy for a day or two.

I didn't mind our heat wave too much because it forced me to enjoy some pool time. My bud Dawn had a chance to float with me a few days which was nice.

So yesterday I delivered mom's tricycle to her. Even though it was hot, she wanted to jump on and try it out. She was so anxious to ride after several years, since her fall. She said she would never get on a bike again...until now.
 It took a while to get her comfortable enough to actually pedal but soon she was rolling down the road. She stops often thinking it will tip over but that will pass. I've never seen her smile so much in a while, it was nice.
 Yesterday afternoon I played around with acrylic flower beads that I've collected for a few years and I got some pretty ones from Tisha's Needlework Studio. This is what I've made so far.
A jar of these in the studio would inspire me to create something fun. I have a few projects in mind but they will have to wait until I'm done with the magazine.

So that was the highlight of my weekend. Enjoyable. Now I'm off to water flowers in garden and get ready for a doctor appointment this morning. I hope you all have a beautiful day!


  1. Wonderful about your mom!! I don't think you could PAY my mother enough to attempt getting on a bike

    Hope all goes well at the Docs!

    See ya in class.

    Happy Crafting

  2. Pat, you mom looks so happy to have her trike. She's lucky to have such a caring, thoughtful daughter!

  3. Your mom is such a trooper.. Good for her!!!. Mine just sits in front of the TV and complains.

  4. How special Pat, it always makes it worth it when you can see through the smile on her face, the gratitude and excitement she feels!

  5. Pat, I love the smile on your Mother's face! I know how much joy that brought to both her and YOU! My Mom in law might LOVE a bike like that! I had not thought of that! I was going to go over and pick her up with our go kart and we could drive around the farm....what a great idea to get one of these!

    I love your flowers! they are gorgeous, and thanks so much for letting us know where you can get them, I have wondered where to find beads like these! Last night I found a resource for some paper flowers I have been looking for for YEARS!!!! I am so excited to have access to some things I have been looking for!
    I hope your day is lovely and that all is well with you. I LOVE your CQ...someday I will get past my fear...
    Hearts to you!

  6. I love the trike you gave your mum and the look on her face says it all!!!
    - Jeanette

  7. Oh your Mom looks so happy and now she can just buzz along with the wind in her hair. What a wonderful idea. Now the flowers they are so pretty and creative, Have fun with them. xoxoxo YRoT

  8. Your Mom looks like "a kid with a new toy". This is wonderful and will enable her to get around on her own and also to get some exercise.

    Good going Pat.


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  10. Love your flowers. Your mom looks like she's having fun.

  11. Seeing your mom on a bike makes me feel so happy and hopeful. Thank you for sharing this, Pat!


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