Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Catching up time.

I can't believe it's already Thursday tomorrow. We had a surprise visit from Ed and Megan on Saturday. They were in town to play golf so they stopped by and I had been working outside all day and decided to order pizza and ribs instead of cooking. It is always nice when they stop by.

Monday was rainy so I stayed in to stitch. I took a break to make a small Brie en croute because I'm addicted to it thanks to my pal Liz Bugh from Texas. She has me hooked on Raspberry Chipotle sauce and Mango habanero sauce which is perfect with a hot melted Brie.

Tuesday I took mom to lunch then ordered her an adult tricycle. Now she can ride again and build
 muscle  safely.

It has a nice big basket for cold water and whatever she finds on her ride. She is excited to be able to ride again. I'll be taking my bike over to get her used to riding again when it cools down.

I took another beach walk and found several sand castles, well, driftwood and stone dwellings along the way.

I also found a special treasure.
When I returned home I drove the golf cart along the perimeter of the yard a picked black raspberries. I left plenty for the birds and animals.
Today I ran to Michaels with Dawn then we picked up some groceries. It was so hot and humid but cooled off nicely now. We dodged a hail storm and laughed about it. I mowed the lawn when I got home, it's growing very fast these days. I made an easy dinner because I have been wanting to try the Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits. The recipe I pinned tastes exactly like the originals with the same consistency too. I also made a Caesar salad, green beans and sautéed shrimp. 
I've been sewing a project for the Autumn issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings. By the way, time to send in tutorials, articles, ads, and photos of your work  and also any announcements you want to share. The winner of the Flights of Fancy Boutique will be announced and a new contest from another sponsor with cq offerings, so have a talk with your creative muse and enter.

So I better get my Jammie's on and stitch or pin and call it a day. Have a great day tomorrow!

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  1. Oh MB you and I are hooked on Raspberry Chipotle it is so yummy isn't it? way to go Liz for introducing it to Pat. : ) You post today is awesome and the bike for your Mom is wonderful. I would never have thought about one like that. Just wanted to touch base and as always love your writings.
    Hugs and I know your CQ class will be fun for all. xoxoxo YRoT


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