Saturday, June 22, 2013

My stairway to heaven

This morning after breakfast I clipped my hair in a bun, tugged on my old jeans, kissed DH goodbye and headed to the beach. We had a storm yesterday so I figured there would be treasures strewn about the beach for me to find. I text my bud Terri at the same time I'm receiving one from her stating that she is enjoying a peaceful morning in her garden with her fur baby Teddi and I smile.
When I arrived I looked down at my stairway to heaven and with a happy heart of a child, I skipped down the steps to my beloved shoreline.
It may not look inviting to some, but these stairs lead to a most peaceful place for me. Every time I walk my usual sandy path I reflect on how fortunate I am to have a fairly positive outlook on life and I know I have been blessed with those in my life and for having the ability to make wonderfully sweet lemonade from bitter lemons for the most part. It may be a gift or it may be just luck, I'm not sure, but I'll take it. If it is naivety or ignorance....let me be blissful and remain unknowing.

I've always believed and do try to remember that things can always be worse so keep smiling and go forward because it will all work out as it should. Yes, sometimes it is hard to keep that belief, but the fact is, it is very true. Pitty parties aren't events I want to attend. Supporting a friend is a different story. I'm there in a heartbeat. So, being human, when I feel a bit overwhelmed or when I feel I deserve a reward, I head to the beach.

Now the main reward is in things unseen such as the soft breeze off the lake, the song of shorebirds, sunshine, sand in my toes, calming vibes from the water rushing to shore, and yes, the treasures I find such as the cobalt blue mermaid tears...... can you find it?
 Or the rare red mermaid tears like I found this morning.
This is my gathered treasures for today.
  When I don't have time for a beach trip, just walking around the yard settles my soul. The Delphiniums are so tall and beautiful this year.

The Campanula.....well, what can I say? They just bloomed themselves crazy!
I also find my heart filling with happiness when a friend sends photos of their recent projects. Speaking of which, my pal Jan Obertein has been addicted to making fabric cards which are just beautiful and so delicate. Could you imagine receiving one of these for any occasion?

Be still my heart! Oh, and yes she does sell them. If you want any just ask me for her email address. I'm sure she can accommodate you with a lovely creation, possibly even one above if it hasn't flown off somewhere. From her busy talented hands to your heart, these are too sweet to last long.

I finished the periwinkle,teal and lime purse and added a beaded handle. I put it in my etsy shop with some dyed silk ribbon.  The purse is not as intense as the photos show. 

Mom is doing well. I took her shopping for flowers the other day and I will be heading over there after I feed "the Mr." to freshen the mulch in her garden. Then I will stitch on a little project while I watch "The Glades" with DH and possibly munch on my dried mango's! Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Oh the beach treasure is indeed a treasure. The flowers, never could grow them but tried, our Texas heat does ugly things to them. Jan's cards are BEAUTIFUL such an inspiration to us all. Now I am like you making good out of bad and sometimes accused of being to optimistic? Your purse is awesome and ok I have had my Pat vitamin for the day and off to see what else I can create. oxoxox YRoT


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