Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

My dad may not be here in body but he is always with me in spirit. A gentle soft spoken man who knew so much more than he would ever have time to reveal. Always there to offer help and never asking for anything in return. He left us 12 years ago and is still missed every day. I'll always remember his soft blue eyes and his corny jokes. I was so fortunate to have such an amazing father.
Dad swinging with me in St. Joe on the Bluff.
"Always in my heart you will remain"

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband who is an amazing father that has our love and respect for eternity.


  1. Oh love this tribute to your father and hubby. Ya'll were so young and looks at baby son. This is all priceless. xoxoxo YToT

  2. we never get over the loss of our Dad do we, I lost mine in 1984 when he was only 73 and still miss him greatly. Mum was 92 when she passed away in 2006 I was so lucky to have her for so long, God bless them both, I know I will see them again one day and what joy there will be then

  3. I too had a dad with cornflower blue eyes and was quick with a corny joke or made up song.
    Nice post.

  4. I found a blue beach glass the other day and thought about your dad. You need to send me your beach glass!! Its getting impossible to find here, I know it's down at your place-LOL!! Been dealing with my parents surgeries and hospitalizations. I think they are trying to kill me. Hope to see you soon. I have a few days off in July. I'll let you now, maybe we can get together. Leslie

  5. I just saw this Patsy Girl, so sweet. so incredibly lucky to have such a caring Dad. The pictures are all touching and beautiful!

  6. Dear Pat,
    I miss my Dad too. thanks for tribute to all dads.
    You are a faithful friend Pat.
    Love to hear from you via email, after July 4th if possible
    aloha Lilla


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