Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Busy these days!

Since I've last checked in, I had two peaceful beach walks. The first one was eventful as I stepped in quicksand and it gobbled my leg and I lost my sandal. It was a bit scary actually since no one else was on the beach at the time. I strolled down a peninsula thinking I would wade the water at the end to get back to shore so I rolled up my pants and continued on. It looked harmless right?
 Then all of a sudden whooooosh! My leg went down quickly in the sand. So naturally I leaned forward hanging on to my phone so it wasn't ruined and I was soaked and sandy. I manage to work my leg up then put my arm back down in search of my sandal which was sucked off. Thank goodness there were no big waves. After it was finished and I was rinsed off and back on shore, I had to laugh at myself. 
I did find some treasures though....
So the next beach adventure was yesterday morning. It was just a perfect day of sunshine and a light cool breeze.

 Calm waters for a peaceful stroll.
 Nothing gets my heart racing more than when I spot one of these treasures...
 A blue mermaid tear. I found a couple both days :-)
  This was my loot for the morning...

I have been stitching too. I pieced this purse front....
  then gathered these supplies.............
 then made this purse.

Monday morning I gathered these supplies....
 pieced this purse front....
and I'm currently embellishing it.

I also took a time out from lawn and garden work to float a bit.
  I thought I deserved a mango daiquiri too! Yum!

After two trips to the doctor with no tube removal, today it will be done. Mom is anxious to get the last drain removed from her surgery. We decided it was better to let it do its thing instead of having her go through a syringe removal. So at noon we will take the last trip to the doctor for that procedure. Then she can heal and we can go to St. Joe.

Speaking of St. Joe, I headed up there on Sunday to experiment with Megan's hair for a wedding  next weekend. DS is standing up in a friends wedding and naturally Megan wanted to look extra special. The dress she is wearing is perfect on her and I know she will be feeling pretty good. If I looked like that, I would own the night!
Anyway, back to my trip. Before I went to Megan's place I strolled along the Antiques on the bluff.
 I found a few things but nothing too exciting which was fine since there was nothing I was really wanting. It was just fun to browse and see some old goodies.
Then I walked around town a bit and found myself in Kilwins! Now how did I get there? I bought a slab of peanut butter fudge to split with mom and if you buy two you get one free so I added a choc pecan slab and a turtle slab but gave them to Ed and Megan. Yes, I actually surrendered them, do you believe it? It wasn't easy,LOL.
 Then I took a ride along the lake front, Silver beach. I love driving down to the beach in St. Joe. It reminds me of going to the beach as a child anticipating the first sight of the sand.

 Almost there.....

 After I drove past the beach, the carousel and back up toward the bluff, I drove through the neighborhood and snapped some house pics. I love old homes and this one looks inviting to me. I could sit on the porch and stitch all day as I watch the boats on the lake across the street.
 I believe St. Joe is my favorite town. It always feels like you are on vacation. The peaceful atmosphere, old homes and cottages along the beach  with the sound of shore birds and laughter makes me smile.

Well I had better get some things done before I pick mom up for her appointment. I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. I am very amazed by the information of this blog and i am glad i had a look over the blog. thank you so much for sharing such great information.

  2. I'm glad you survived the man eating sand trap Pat! My sister collected mermaid tears, she lived by the beach. I think I need to take a walk there in her memory. Hope all went well with you Mom's appointment!
    We have a little beach town near us, Lexington in Michigan, on the shore of Lake Huron. It's full of older homes and cottages and gives the same feelings you do. I know you would love Lexington, only an hour from Tisha's, come up some time! Full of the most quaint little shops and nostalgia!

  3. How scary about the sand and no one there to help haul you out! After that you deserved to eat all the fudge. Lots of lucky mermaid tears you found. The bags are beautiful too!

  4. Hi Pat. Just want to let you know that I used your pattern book for 2 Boho Bags that I entered in the GVQC quilt show last weekend.
    One of my bags won 2nd place~!
    Please do check out what I have done! Love your pattern. Will be making more for sure!


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