Friday, May 10, 2013

Update on mom

Well yesterday we headed off to the hospital for an outpatient hernia procedure. Mom was in good spirits and I was glad. Yes, she still gives the peace sign,LOL. Instead of warming blankets, the gowns have a pocket that hooks to a hose which pumps warm air into it so the body warms for pre-op which I learned is important for a better recovery. It cuts down on nausea and many other things to make you more comfortable. Live and learn.
 I knew in a few hours we would be sailing home again and this would be behind her and beach walks ahead..... however nothing is ever as easy as it seems. After waiting three hours and being prepped mom was wheeled away and I was left to stitch in her room. I was told it was a two hour or less procedure but after four hours I thought she should be back from recovery which was another hour. I didn't want to bother anyone so I sat in the room quietly keeping busy. I sewed up a clutch purse to embellish in cheerful Turquoise and Chartreuse.
  When I went to check the info board in the OP waiting room I couldn't make heads or tails of it so I asked the nurse at the desk. As she was checking my phone rang and it was mom. I was shocked to hear her and asked where she was calling from. Apparently they admitted her to a room. So off I went to find room 2022. There she was smiling in her bed. She was in some pain but was glad it was over. I told her the Dr. didn't come to talk to me as promised and I would still be sitting in the other room if I hadn't gotten curious. I asked the nurse if the Dr. would come see me. He arrived shortly and explained that mom had to be admitted for observation because the surgery was much more than expected. Instead of one hernia, she had three. Two smaller ones were above and below the large one. So I was fine with her staying, especially so her pain could be controlled by IV as she has a hard time taking pills.

It was a long day and after making her eat some soup and applying chap-stick to her dry lips, I was ready to go home. I left her smiling knowing I would get her home today...fingers crossed.

I awoke this morning with a headache and sore throat..time to pop some vitamins and make echinacea tea. It was so nice to walk around the house this morning. I'm very thankful to have a place to feel comfort and contentment. I love this old place, the lilac trees, the wisteria hanging on the porch, and my sweet DH to keep me safe and smiling. It takes some work to create a home but it is sooooooo worth it. I believe your home truly is the where your heart is. At least mine is always hanging there.
Thank you for the well wishes and prayers for mom, they worked,LOL. Have a wonderful day.


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM CDT

    I forget to follow blogs--I guess fb is easier. Glad to hear your mom is doing well and I hope your sore throat does not linger. Anxious to see the new magazine---take care, Mary Bonnell

  2. Prayers for a speedy recovery for your mom. My mom is finally home and living with us now. I never thought to take stitching with me to work on while waiting, I'll have to remember that as I take mom to the hospital next week for a procedure that will take a couple of hours. What do you carry with you when you take your stitching with you? Hope your feeling better. Wendy

  3. So happy your Mom is doing well, and glad that it's over!!!

  4. So glad to hear your mom is doing well. You're such a good daughter!

    In our thoughts....Gerry

  5. Honey and Paracetamol does it for me if a sore throat starts .
    I hope your mum makes speedy progress

  6. Hi Pat,
    Long time a talkin' to you!
    Glad your Mom is feeling better, a good job the Doctors' noticed the other 2 hernias !
    Don't forget to show us your Wisteria when it flowers, love it!

  7. Pat,
    I am so glad that surgery is taken care of for your Mother as well as you. It was good they found the other hernias,that would ahve been a real drag for her to have to go back in again to those fixed. I knew you would stitch something beautiful! I have cross stitched quite a bit while waiting in Doc and Dentist waiting rooms. To CQ I'd have to think ahead and sew up the item to be embellished! The purse you've started is gorgeous, and will always be a memory of.....your Mom's hernia operation...!! LOLOL hehehe, so much for my sentimentality!
    Sorry, maybe that isn't a memory you want to commemorate! Love your creativity and your work...I am in awe!
    Hearts to you,

  8. Best wishes heading your way for you Mom to have a quick recovery!

  9. Prayers for a speedy recovery for your Mom Pat!, Hugs and Happy Mother's Day! xoxo

  10. Thank goodness the surgery went well, and although she had to stay for a night, it must have been a great relief for you. Wishing her a quick recovery so that she can soon walk on the beach with you again.

  11. Hello my dear MB, so glad to hear your Mom's surgery went well. I know that scared you taking so long to find her and not finding info. I know she will recover quickly she has you to take care of her. Beach walks coming soon my dear. Hugs and hugs and yes there is no place like home. Love you YRoT

  12. Hi Pat

    glad to hear the surgery went well and they were able to remove all 3.

    I am assuming she is home and comfortable by now.



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