Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Play day on May day!

Happy MAY DAY!
 My bud Dawn came over today and we played in the studio. 
With some cutting....
 ...and some choosing ....

 ...and some ironing....

 Dawn made her first fabric book. She used a sewing theme with vintage images, laces and now all she has to do is add the special embellishments and assemble it.
 Great job Dawn! It was fun to have a play day. The studio was cool and the weather was warm and sunny. Now I need to get my St. Joe Leslie down here to play! 

Last night I cleaned the front porch and put a new cover on the swing cushion and changed a few decorations. I sat out there after dinner and almost fell asleep it was so nice with a slight breeze. I also put the hammock in the garden and yes, tried it out :-) 

We hit the mid 80's today! Whoo Hoo! Although that is too warm for working, it is perfect weather for porch napping :-) Besides, I think I pretty much have everything done until the tree guy cuts the trees. Then I can have DH assemble the fountain and place the table set in the garden. Everything is so green and I am watching the Wisteria leaves get bigger each day. 

By the way, Friday is the last day I can accept anything for the summer issue of the magazine because mom's surgery is next week and my time will be limited. So if you have ads, articles, eye candy, letters, send them as soon as you can. Thank you :-)
Enjoy your evening and May Day!


  1. So much fun getting together with your friend, Dawn, to create some book beauty!
    It's so exciting watching those new green leaves forming and the fluffy mauve buds of the wisteria as they start to take shape for a new Spring as ours are turning golden yellow ready to fall!
    Wishing you many happy May days Pat!
    x Suzy

  2. Oh send the green down here my dear, it is winter again here. Love love wisteria, we have not planted one here but plan to in the new house wherever we go. I love the smell and look of them. What fun to play with Dawn I know there was lots of visiting besides the cutting. Thanks again for the tut of the fabric book. I made a 4 page one for my 90 year old Auntie. Hope she likes it. xoxoxo

  3. Sounds like you and Dawn had a fun and productive day. She told me she had been wanting to make a fabric book and I can't think of a better side-kick for her to do it with! Way to go, girls!
    We're enjoying lovely weather here in Texas, too...but not for long, lol.
    My thoughts and prayers will be with your Mom and you next week.
    ((Big Hugs))for you and to pass on to Dawn...

  4. Sounds like you had a fun rewarding day. With a friend and outside a bit!
    Prayers for yiur Mom's surgery and I know you'll be working on a CQ project while waiting for the surgery to conclude. I stitch in those situations ...
    Hearts to you,

  5. Sending good vibes in your mom's direction - hopefully all will go well! (btw - hope you got my article okay?)


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