Monday, May 13, 2013

Morning Peeps

Good morning peeps! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine was great. I got to talk to some special friends who always make my day and I went to see mom for a while. DH installed another arch trellis just before I brought her home so I tied her Wisteria to it then we had a nice visit. I finally brought her home Saturday evening. She is so happy to be home and doing great!  Thank you all for the sweet messages for her. She says THANK YOU!
We go tomorrow to have her drains removed. Oh dear, that sounds grosser than it is. Anyway, my son and future DIL came over with a beautiful bouquet and we went to dinner.

This morning I took a walk in the garden, want to see? Not a whole lot blooming just yet but loving every moment and the fern still unfurling.  So......walking into the back garden where my hammock awaits my return,
 I placed mom's scooter she played on as a child. (Leaning against dad's Calycanthus shrub)
Then we have the Redbud tree in full bloom above the hammock.
A peek through the archway into the main part of garden.
 I had my fountain moved to where the tea table was and I find it more enjoyable viewing it from the hammock.
 It was full of Crab apple petals this morning.  I love my pink Crab apple trees.
As you can see, pink petals are sprinkled about the path to the front entrance. You know when you are so happy your chest feels like it can't take in another drop of air? Almost as if you are holding your breath? That was my feeling as I stood momentarily taking in the beauty of the pink petaled pathway and listening to the birdsong thinking of my great weekend with family.

I am anxiously awaiting more blooms to color the garden but you can't rush mother nature now can you? Just a few gifts at a time.........lets continue......
Around the front of the house are the blooms that capture my beloved Wisteria.
  I am thrilled that it likes the new lattice and is happily weaving itself in and out for a secure hold from the winds that whip around the front porch at times. I've always imagined Wisteria dripping from the porch and now....well, here it is.
 The front garden is looking great. The Columbine are ready to bloom......
 Soon this view will be colorful along the sidewalk. Just seeing the green foliage is enough for me right now.

 This huge old Lilac bush was the first thing I saw when I came here to make this my home 27 years ago in May. It has been pruned back many times and this year it really outdid itself. I have bouquets in every room as of this morning. Mmmmmmmmm this must be what angels perfume smells like!
 Well peeps, I must return to my work so I can take a break midday to step outside again. Have a blissful day! bud Dawn now has a blog here.  I know she would love a visit from you.


  1. Paradise personified!

    Glad that your mum is back home and on the return to full health

  2. Your gardens are simply gorgeous. And I'm so glad your mom is doing well.

  3. Oh I can smell the wisteria from here and love seeing the pink petals on the walk and seeing the ferns growing. I so miss our garden we had like this. It just wandered and was a treasure trove every corner. Now I can enjoy yours with you. It is beautiful. So glad Mom is out and doing well. Hugs and hugs YRoT oxo

  4. Dear Pat
    Thanks for this wonderful walk through your garden - it is truly magnificent and I can see all the love it gets from each photo here.
    This is where we can regain our strength, our peace and vitality any time we need it.
    Glad to hear your mother is doing well now after her op!
    Warm hugs,

  5. Lovely to "hear" you sounding so content!

  6. Oh so beautiful and so much of a garden!
    I have a bit of a 'blank canvas' in the back garden and a bit of a wilderness in the front garden but, was so pleased to see peonies and some roses here. The dominant plants seem to be Valerian (hope it's the 'lipstick pink' colour instead of the dark pink, but hey all nice), and forget me knots.
    Can't afford to do much with it apart from general maintenance, that is once I've got it under control!
    Take care, hugs,

    Sandie xxx

  7. What lovely garden photos! Great post.

  8. Belated Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! It’s not much of a celerbration, but my family just went out to dinner. I likewise received a simple gift form my kids and hubby. It’s a wrsitwatch and I wear it everyday. I love your house and your garden. Keep it up!

  9. Glad your mom is doing better.
    Your garden looks so lovely. I love the petaled covered pathway. Wisteria is one of my favorite vines too. We have queens lace down here that is pink and gorgeous. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Pat what a lovely, peaceful arden you have made. It looks like you and Iknow how much you enjoy it.

    Glad Mom is back home and doing well. Hope it stays that way so you two can walk the beach.



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