Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and stop for a moment to remember why we celebrate this occasion.
We had a surprise visit from Ed and Megan last night. I was elbow deep in preparing gathering packs for my etsy shop after I cleaned out some studio drawers. DH bought pizza so I just gathered and packed until I saw the bottom of containers. one crazy quilters trash is another's treasures, LOL. Well, it isn't trash, but I was tired of looking at it so I added silk ribbon and a ciggie to each color combo.

It takes a while, but it was cold out so it was a great way to organize and keep busy.
By the way, the fairy garden was destroyed by something so I'm off to rebuild and plant. Poor little fairy!


  1. I wonder what destroyed your fairy garden? I was thinking of making one out of a tree stump I have in the yard. Or make a planter out of it.... I wanted to plant hen and chicks in it.

  2. Hi Pat! Happy Memorial Day! I just signed up for your CQ class at Artful Gatherings. I know how to crazy quilt but not too good at the embellishing part, and wanted to take a class with the Master! :)

  3. Oh the little packets are to die for I love the pretties one puts on the CQ, that to me is what really jazzes them up. Ashame about the fairy garden, do you think a troll could have been jealous and destroyed it? Have a great day my MB

  4. Pat,
    I can take your onine class this summer, I won't be in Germany! So happy! I can't wait to chekout the etsy shop. Sorry about your fairy garden, I am just beginning to make one now. I am having fun making an arbor and a gazebo out of bark wire for it! I have so many plans! It makes me feel like a kid again, planning for the fairies! : ) My Grandgirls will be here from Germany late this summer and I hope to have it well underway when they come. Only one is old enough to be interested,, but it might be fun to have her give me ideas! I am sure you have a fairy garden crazy quilt.....can I find a picture of it somewhere on your blog? Id love to see it, I KNOW you must have one! at least!!!!!
    Hearts to you,

  5. Those are awesome little packages! You are so right about the trash/treasure thing!


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