Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dropping in.....

So.....dropping in to share my newest garden, a fairy garden.

 My pal Terri Takacs was planning a fairy garden and was buying little goodies for us both at the same time I was. We hadn't even discussed it but we saw one at the garden walk in Charleston so it must have left an impression,lol. Anyway, I haven't had time to spend any time playing in the garden lately so when her packaged arrived filled with teeny treats for a fairy garden i just couldn't stand it anymore. I jumped in the car and went to the garden center for some fairy plants. Naturally I gathered too many so I may transfer everything to a larger container or have two gardens. I was shocked that a miniature evergreen costs the same as a regular sized one,LOL. That was crazy but I wanted at least one.
Somehow I managed to save the little china chihuahua through the years so it went in the garden too.

 It was quite fun playing in my mini garden as if I were a girl again. Of course DH just rolled his eyes and smirked at me. Men! I was happy to see it survived the nightly visitors. I just figured a raccoon would have dug everything up while I was sleeping. Perhaps the fairies shooed them away? ;-)

Tomorrow I have to accompany mom and DH to doctor appointments, one morning and one afternoon, so I think I'll just put together more kits for the encore CQ101 class. I added two new ones to my etsy shop a bit ago. I think I'll play around with some different color combos tomorrow.

I'm off to trim out the clutch I had started at the hospital so I can share it with you before mailing it off.
Have a great night!


  1. I've seen the fairy gardens on many blogs. Very cute idea. Love what you did and yes my DH would probably do the same. LOL

  2. Love your little garden. I think I shall have to make one.

  3. Your fairy garden is wonderful!!! My DH didn't exactly roll his eyes, but it was close!!

  4. Oh how precious is this, Terry is a doll for sending them to you. I want to make a fairy garden but will wait until our adventure of selling and moving are settled, hope soon LOL So cute I could start rounding up cutie things though. then my fairies could play with yours. : 0 Thought with you at the doctor's visits. hugs and hugs YRoT

  5. What a Lovely idea...I want a Fairy garden too !!
    ummm, might have to start looking of a spot :-)

  6. Ahhh Pat, what a cute little fairy garden. Don't you wish for just a minute you could shrink yourself and play in it? Such a cute idea - have a feeling it could become addicting adding to it.


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