Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Strangers can warm your heart in little ways

Last night I received a phone call from a stranger. Well, I met her during my last dental visit a few months ago. I always take my stitching stitching with me and many times people, men and women tend to be drawn to see what it is. Well this lady stopped to see and fell in love with whatever project I was working on. She saw the lace and asked if I ever used lace from old pillow cases and thinking about the Boho bags I answered yes. So...she invited me to pick up laces she had collected for me and to bring some work to sell or show. As you know, my projects mainly go to friends or in my etsy shop and I do not hang on to much.
I was touched by her thoughtfulness and knew I just had to whip up something to surprise her with. I didn't have much time because I promised DH a foot massage/pedicure. He has been so stressed out lately so I didn't want to skip that. I ran up and pieced an eyeglass case and took it down to embellish while watching TV with DH. I stayed up to finish it and assembled it this morning. Whew! I had asked her what colors she liked and she said blue and greens. This is her surprise eyeglass case.
I added a touch of pale lavender which was in the image. I hope she likes it. I gathered the two quilts and some small things I did have to share with her and an issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings for her to have. When she returns from her hair appointment around 11:00, I will head over for a short visit since I will be accompanying DH to his Dr visit this afternoon.

It is rainy today but the flowers and trees are loving it. Poor IL is getting flooded. There is always someone worse off somewhere, so always try to smile and make lemonade from lemons my friends. Have a great day!


  1. You are more than thoughtful!

  2. She'll love it. It's just beautiful! xo

  3. This is just The Loveliest case. It's so nice when strangers respond to our work,.How lovely that she wants to give you some lovelies to work with.

  4. She'll love it, Pat ... it's gorgeous! As always, you are so generous. I'm eager to hear about the goodies she has collected for you. What fun!

  5. A special gift for a generous lady, I'm sure she will love it. Looking forward to seeing the lace.


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