Monday, April 29, 2013

Sore muscles, happy heart

Yesterday I had mulch delivered and couldn't resist getting on my garden clothes and digging in. I ended up spending the entire day mulching. DH wanted to help but I shooed him away. I enjoy putting down the mulch and this morning I sat on my front porch swing, sipped tea and looked out at the fresh mulch with a happy heart. I noticed the Wisteria has small leaves sneaking out from the old wood. Soon beautiful dangles of purple will be my morning bliss.

When I was at the garden shop last week I stopped at the Koi pond.
 The owner came over with some fish food when he saw me taking pictures so I could get photos of them eating and in a group. They were so beautiful.

I am going to rest today as far as garden or yard work. I think I'm going to head to the beach then

 I think I will go visit mom for a bit work some more on the CQ101 encore purse class kits. If you missed last years class, I am doing an encore class at Artful Gatherings and you can sign up now. I have a few kits in my etsy shop now with more colors to come.
I hope you all have a super day, see you soon.


  1. Gardening is hard work, but like you said, you can sit back and take it all in and feel great afterwards.
    Love koi fish. My friend has 2 ponds and lots of dragonflies live at the bottom of them. The koi are just beautiful.

  2. I have 10 goldfish in my garden pond . I go to m
    y garden first thing every morning to check they are o,k . They are feeding twice a week after the long cold winter . I started with tiny ones ,they are about 5" now
    Two years ago a heron took 8 I was so sad , I now have a net over the pond
    My garden is just coming to life again .

  3. Oh we did mulch today, nothing makes a bed more fresh looking than new mulch. Even though we are selling it is still our home and we want to keep it pretty. We had a pond with some wal-mart goldfish and they got giant. When we moved from that home gave to daught and I bet the Herons got them also. Oh I know anyone that takes your purse class will love it.I did and as you know gotten me so hooked on CQ. Hugs and have fun with Mom and creating those wonderful kits. xoxoxoxox YRoT

  4. Ahhh yes mulch! Nothing makes a bigger inpact in the garden. Now I just need to get back out in mine and finish putting mine down.


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