Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Muse is at it again

Yesterday I had a nice visit with Donna, a sweet lady I met at the dentist. I took along some crazy quilted items to share with her. It was fun to share my passion with her. She sent me home with some vintage pillow cases with crocheted trims, some her mother had made. One day when I am brave enough I will cut into them but I just can't do that now. She also included so e embroidered doilies and a sweet crocheted cup which I will use in the studio for small items. She had more items but I suggested she use a certain product to remove stains so she could continue using them. I know how special they were to her and they were too pretty to cut up. I really enjoyed talking to her in her beautiful home. She loved the eyeglass case.

Last night I was organizing my ciggies and decided to create something with one I've had my eye on. This is a bad photo taken in bad lighting. The colors are brighter than shown.
Aqua, lime green and pink. This is the flap of a purse. I will assemble it today.

So as you can see, my muse is keeping me busy. I will be putting kits together the rest of the week for an encore class at Artful Gatherings. I suppose I should get busy. Have a sunny day!


  1. Hello my dear, loving what your muse is having you create and so sweet of the lady to share. Just makes the heart feel good to share. Have a good one and keep warm still a tad cold up there and lol here to. xo

  2. That was so special Pat, your muse seems to follow you wherever you go! My muse has deserted me, I've been trying so hard to find her, maybe she went to reside with you and yours!!


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