Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I mowed!!!!

Yesterday I got to mow the lawn! It was great to be mowing again. The grass is so green with all the rain we've been getting. I took mom to get her pre-op blood work yesterday then to lunch. I showed her the procedure she will be having on my ipad and she was relieved and is now ready to go.
After I dropped her off I went to the post office in Beverly Shores then to the beach. A few people were wandering around, and it was nice and warm. I sure miss mom walking beside me. I'm hoping after recovering from the surgery she will want to meander the beach again.
I took my time and strolled along thinking about SC and how much fun I had.

While in CT I was reminded about the circles for Sandy Hook victims. I hadn't made mine yet so yesterday I put them together and embellished them last night while watching TV with DH.  They were kind of hard to work on knowing the ladies were no longer with us. Avielle's cute little smile got me.
 Just waiting for the address to mail them now.
 I had forgotten to take photos of the items I made before I left. I did snap this yesterday before mailing it. It is a tiny purse. The photo washed out the color but you get the idea.

 Waiting for the tree man to come and give me an estimate on two trees that need removed. Oh boy!
Have a great day!

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  1. Beautiful tributes! I will email you the mailing address shortly.

    Happy to see that you girls had a great vacation - looks like it was nonstop fun!


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