Sunday, April 21, 2013

I LOVE South Carolina!

Well my trip to SC is sadly behind me. I knew it would go by quickly once we stepped off the plane. The weather was perfect and it was great to see my bud Terri again.
We unloaded our luggage at the gorgeous
condo then took off to the beach. Isle of Palms had shops lined up along the road across from the beach and was filled with clothing and food shops. We headed toward the path to the shore. Dawn and Terri.
 We saw many shells, starfish, and sand dollars.
  I saw my first Horseshoe crab....

Terri Checking to see if it was alive....
Colorful homes speckle the coast.

 Our first excursion to the beach!
 The next day we went to Sullivan's Island and cooked in the sun and played in the water.
The next day we explored the area and discovered this fun spot for kids.....big and small!

The trees that lined the road were dripping with pretty.

 Fairy tree.........

Then we found a neat antique shop. The outside goods were wonderful.

  The next day Dawn was meeting family at a restaurant in Charleston so before we headed out of Mt Pleasant, we stopped at a bead shop to pick up Kumihimo supplies for evening fun.
 We dropped Dawn off and walked around then we took a bike taxi around town. Our driver was so sweet and she was also a firefighter.
 She took us through town, past Rainbow row with colorful home lined streets.
 Then past the old homes in the battery. They were gorgeous.

We were happy gals to see such beauty on a warm day in Charleston.

 Then we met Dawn and stopped at....KILWIN'S! Yes, my favorite fudge shop in St. Joe MI. Cool!
 We went back to the condo and walked to a pub in the village. We ordered burgers and gave the bartender motherly advice.
 He was from Hawaii and a very nice young man.
The next day Dawn relaxed at the pool .......

 while Terri took me to the Magnolia Plantation.
 We saw a few peacocks...this one is for Pam Kellogg:-)
 It was just beautiful. We took the house tour(no pics allowed) This was taken on the porch after the tour.
 Then we walked throughout the plantation.....

.....then took a trolly ride through the other parts of the plantation where we saw alligators...yikes!

 A sweet lady offered to take our picture on the swing under the wisteria.

The next day we took the Charleston Garden tour. A self guided tour through the private gardens..(No photos allowed inside the gardens) The iron fences and gates were so impressive as you will see. It was hot and no one was selling water however one garden owner had cold water for us to help ourselves. Ahhhhhhh so refreshing.

 We took our own tour of cemeteries in the area.  We love cemeteries.

The roses were climbing the trees above the street.

The last day we hung out at the pool until our flight. I tried to remember every moment we shared, the delicious food, quaint village shops, beaches, laughter, etc. It was hard to say goodbye to my sweet Terri. She spoiled us every day against our will. I can't wait for our next reunion. Thanks SP! Thank you Terri's mom!

Hello Chicago!
 There was much more to our delightful stay but I'm not trying to write a book,lol. Just a peek into my wonderful SC trip with two pals. Total BLISS!
The only sad part was when we heard the horrible news coverage of the Boston Marathon. So glad both parties responsible were way or another.


  1. Welcome back Pat.
    It looks like you had a wonderful time with the girls I am really glad you enjoyed every moment.
    PS but it is nice to get back home to your own Bed!


  2. Sounds (and looks) like a wonderful trip! My DH and I are hoping to drive through some of the SE states in November. I am taking notes.

  3. Wow Pat - looks like you have been to paradise and back - with lots of wonderful memories and stunning photos

  4. Home again, it was so wonderful reliving our time together on this post. I will continue to have a little hole in my heart until our next dear friend you are a treasure to me. My garden is exploding, as I get started out there this afternoon I will be thinking about you in your garden! And YES, the first thing I thought when we pulled up in front of the house last night from the airport was " the grass needs cutting, YEA!" <3 <3 <3


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