Saturday, April 13, 2013

Catching up before departing tomorrow

Liz, my sweet friend from Texas, invited us to lunch at the Tabor Hill winery last Sunday. Unfortunately business kept DH from going with me however I had a fun time. It was so good to see Liz and to meet her wonderful husband. We had a full view of the vineyard and enjoyed a nice lunch and a glass or two of wine. Afterward I took Liz to Lemon Creek Fabrics which was nearby.
As you can see, Liz found some goodies. I asked Judy if she still had Swarovski crystals and she led us upstairs where we spent quite a while going through little drawers of delightful things. This is Judy, owner of Lemon Creek fabrics with her husband.
I wish I wouldn't have been so busy and could have had more time with Liz. We did take a walk down to her beach but it was too breezy and chilly to take a nice walk, maybe next time. Liz returned home safely. I'll have to share a picture of something pretty she made for me when I get back. I made her a neck case but forgot to take photos.

 Since I had finished the CQ, I took it along for Liz to see. It is a bit larger than my purple CQ and it is very heavy with the silk velvet backing and embellishments. I haven't taken real good detailed photos yet but when I return I will. Until then, this is the finished CQ.
 Some close-ups
I sprinkled some crazy quilted spool shapes around the border then tacked down some metallic chenille and large blunt needles as if I were sewing.
This is one of the cq spools. Each are different.
  This quilt/wall hanging measures 48" by 50" and took approximately 500 hours to create. I will be celebrating the completion of this piece with my buds dawn and Terri tomorrow in South Carolina! It is finally here! I just finished packing and made a cake for DH so he will have something to munch on while I'm away.

 Mom thought she had the flu and it wasn't getting better so I took her to the doctor yesterday. It seems she had the same head cold that I had last month before DH came down with the flu. It lasts two weeks and apparently is going around. It doesn't have a name, just a nasty head cold that moves into the lungs. I rode it out without meds but the doctor gave mom cough medicine, antibiotic, air treatment, and cough tabs to prevent pneumonia in older patients. So I left her with her meds and dinner but couldn't hug her goodbye because it is contagious :-( She will be fine and I'm just a phone call away.
My friend called and has made her way back to her Michigan home so I can relax now. I can only say I have some dear friends and I worry about every one of them. I can't help it. I do plan on having some R&R with Terri and Dawn this week. I will most certainly take photos. Terri has been emailing bead shops, antique shops, etc and making me terribly anxious to arrive.
I had the chance to whip up a few gifts, five in fact, but I can't share until they have been received, so you might want to check back next Saturday for those pics.
Behave and I will try to do the same. :-) Tootles.


  1. Pat,
    It sounds like youa re having so much fun! Friends are the flowers in the Garden of Life! I am getting courage to begin my second crazy quilt piece....and the first is not all that great, but at least there is no where to go but improvement! Your pictures are inspirations to me and I love looking at your items! I hope to take your class this summer, last summer I was gone to my daughters in Germany and knew I couldn't take the class while there helping with her 3 year old daughter and a new baby. I will let you knkow when I get it done and post a picture!
    Hearts to you!

  2. G'day Pat, Just popped in for a visit, and got
    a beautiful surprise in the sighting of your Quilt, fan****tastic work Pat. Just love that you have added the decorated spools around the edge.
    Hoping you Terri and Dawn have a great break and hope we see some photos.

    Carol Daisy

  3. Oh my dear Pat, what a great time you are having "playing" with dear friends. I love it. The quilt is just beautiful, if we ever had a doubt, and the spools on the sides are such a great idea. You are so an inspiration to us all. thanks for posting this and MOM get well please and then you and DD can have more wonderful walks on the beach. Have fun my dear. xoxoxoxo

  4. Have fun and get some R and R time.No jumping on the beds now....! I love your beautiful CQ and that spool design fantastic. You do such extraordinary work. Hugs, Sharon

  5. Pat Dahlink, what a treat it was to see you again! Tabor Hill was YUM and Lemon Creek was YUM, YUM, YUM! Love all the goodies we found and think I need MORE of a few items.:) Thanks for taking me.
    And ... I feel soooo special in that I was one of the first to view your gorgeous Kreinik crazy quilt in person. Oh my gosh, girl ...your photos just DO NOT do it justice!! Be sure to take some super-sized detail photos when you get back. There's just so much to see. After going over it inch by beautiful inch with a fine tooth comb I went back only to find more fantastic embroidery I had missed the first time around. It is obvious you put so much work into it. The quilt is a real winner...lucky Kreinik!

    Hope your Mom is much better and you are able to relax and have a blast in South Carolina with Dawn and Terri. Give Dawn a big ((HUG)) for me.
    xoxo, Liz

  6. OMG your KCQ is fabulous! Can't wait to see more detailed close ups. Yes, you are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing everything on your blog. Hope your mom beats the cold and hope you have another wonderful outing! You lucky girl.

  7. Great job Pat!Makes me want to pick up a needle and thread and start stitching again.

  8. Oh my GOODNESS, what a beautiful, fabulous piece - it's absolutely gorgeous!! Safe travels!

  9. Pat I think that must be the most beautiful crazy quilt I have ever seen! The spools alone are fabulous, what a beautiful work of art!
    Hugs Marilou


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