Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tweet nest

I had to share this quadruple bird nest DH brought home to me a few weeks ago. It actually had three eggs in it. I love it!!!!

It looks like several birds kept adding a nest to it because it is almost a foot high. I placed a bell lid over it as it sits on a vintage mirrored cake stand. Perfect natural centerpiece for Spring!


  1. Dear Pat what an amazing and charming nest your DH found for you. I have found a couple of nests similar to that one made by a breed of Finch - Red Browed Fire Tails. They are so deep that you can't see the bottom! Gorgeous!
    Hope you are all well now and that you had a great break away in that very beautiful Victorian villa.
    Have a wonderful Easter break and hope you can soon enjoy your Spring garden again!
    Sending hugs from beautiful Autumn here,

  2. Oh what a treat DH found for you, they know how to surprise us don't they? Have a great Easter and can't you just hear the flowers trying to pop out. We had a 19 degrees a couple of nights ago but now promises to be warm again, maybe. xoxoxo

  3. How pretty I love how you put the bell lid over it! Hopefully our spring will be here soon, it's been so nice to hear the birds as they arrive back from their winter homes!

  4. Anonymous6:36 AM CDT

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  5. Hey Anonymous, Dh and I have more respect for nature than that. Get a life and stop browsing blogs just to irritate others.

  6. This nest is amazing indeed. I love bird nests and have several around my home, I don't think I can have to many, do you?
    Thanks for sharing.


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