Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rest, relaxation and renewal

My little trip to Union City, MI was just wonderful and exactly what I needed. The Victorian Villa Inn is beautiful. The Inn keepers son told us the home when built coast $12,000. Could you imagine all that wood, marble and detail for $12,000? It is located in a quiet neighborhood and the town in only a half  mile away.  If you love Victoriana, you would love a few nights here. There is a gazebo and a courtyard in back which I would love to return and see in the summer.
 There was no shopping, no stitching, but a lot of priceless company. We talked, and talked, and talked some more as we sat in a beautiful Victorian parlor and wandered throughout this estate. Up three flights of stairs peeking in each room in amazement.
 The Inn is filled with gorgeous stained glass lamps which the owners sell in town at the lighting shop.
 This stairway led to my room which was upgraded from a bedchamber to a suite by the owner.
 This was my room. Many beds had handmade quilts on them and we met the granddaughter of the maker who was 98 yrs old.
 I love the cherub light at the end of the stairs.
 This was  a sitting area outside my room.
 Looking down from my floor.

 Another quilt on a room on the second floor. The beds were so comfortable.
 This frosted glass pendant light was pink....lovely!

The parlor we spent most of our time....

 This little stairway led to the tower but since it was chilly, we didn't attempt to go up there.
 The fourth floor had two rooms tucked under the slanted roof and they were so cozy with a sitting room in between.

 I surprised my friend with the camera flash as she was coming from her room under the stairs, but she would disown me if I shared her expression.
We couldn't believe we were satisfied just visiting and not shopping or stitching but it was just that kind of peace we were in need of. We didn't even have TV. The Inn owned the Cafe' where we had breakfast which was very nice and again, was decorated with a sprinkling of Tiffany style lamps.
 I caught someone drooling on the desert counter :-)
 When we departed the sun was shining and the snow was blowing a bit. It was such an easy trip both ways and I know we will do this many more times. When I returned home, my mind was clearer than it had been in years. I was energized but took a day off to just soak in what I had just experienced before continuing my daily routine.

 As for the K CQ, well I am ready to add the border and backing which will be sage green silk velvet.
 When it is mailed off, I want to play with a few ideas and wait until I can begin digging in the garden!
Thank you my friend for a wonderful experience that I will never forget.
Everyone, enjoy your day.


  1. Sounds glorious. You are one lucky gal!

  2. Oh what a treat indeed and rested and ready to go. the CQ art looks pretty awesome to me. Hope it is not go snowy there today. xoxoxo

  3. What a wonderful retreat for you and your friend...I love those kinds of retreats. What a beautiful Inn! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! It makes me want to go there, too! I LOVE your Crazy Quilt! I really need to take a class and learn to do it properly! I am making a bulletin board for our Church women's group and I have planned a little CQ, but I am nervous! However, if I just dig in, I have been nervous about it for 20 years and have lots of books and practiced techniques, I am a silly! But this will be a good motivation for me. It is for someone other than me so I will get it done! LOL
    Hearts to you,


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