Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little trip to MI

After dealing with a head cold for two weeks, DH came down with the flu the past week. We are both fine now and trying to get back to normal. On the spur of the moment I am taking a little getaway to Michigan and joining a friend for a few relaxing days at a beautiful B&B, The Victorian Villa Inn. This will be my room where I will take advantage of the seating area on the private balcony and possibly watch the sun rise and catch up on emails or Pinterest since I'm an early riser. It sure looks cozy!
This is my friend's room which looks to be a very inviting resting place after we exhaust ourselves from chatting all day.
Then we will possibly stitch a bit in the adjoining parlor in her room. Possibly sipping tea and enjoying the fact we aren't answering phones or running errands. I'm sure chocolate will be involved, if I find a shop along the way. It looks so pretty I can hardly wait to arrive.
 The Kreinik CQ is almost finished and I am so ready for this little trip. Hopefully we will find some interesting shops around town, if we feel like an outing that is. The thought of a few days of nothing sounds really good right now! Well, I'm off to pack.

See you when I return to share some pics.


  1. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Sounds like fun and relaxing!!Such a pretty place.

  3. Have a wonderful getaway! It looks perfect.

  4. A beautiful place to rest and let your mind get ready for whatever next you have going on. Have fun and remember Shop til you drop and Spend til the end. Hugs and hugs xoxoxoxo



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