Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Home stretch!

Taking a little break. The K CQ is getting its final touches! Whew! My bud Dawn just stopped by to get a peek at it in person before it leaves. She surprised me with a beatiful purple lap quilt for my cool mornings on the porch swing.
  I love it! It is fluffy and PURPLE!!!! The flowers are 3-D! So cute for a porch swing quilt

 Thanks Dawn!!!!!!

My knee report was excellent on Monday. The Dr. was very pleased to see that my bone was getting what it needed and seems to be living again. Isn't that so crazy? I guess I my unusual case and procedure he chose will help others in the chance it happens to them. Cool. Being a guinea pig isn't so bad after all.

Yesterday mom had her checkup and it was pretty good too. I took her to breakfast afterwards while waiting for her RX's to be filled. It was nice for us to sit and talk and plan our next St. Joe trip. When I return from SC we will head to MI.
Speaking of SC, it is only two weeks and a couple days before we leave. Oh goodness! Time has flown by so quickly. Terri, Dawn, get ready! :-)

The flowers are emerging from the ground although we are only having temps in the 40's. It feels great out there to me, especially with the sunshine. When I went to check the mail I was tempted to clean the front flower bed but I know I can't do anything else before this CQ is finished.

I received the sweetest fabric Easter card from my friend Jan.(Thank you Maestro) I will have to get a pic to share. It is adorable. With my schedule open after the K CQ, I will be going wild creating everything I've seen on Pinterest. It has been soooooooo hard not to just stop and quickly make something small. I know you know what I mean.

Since the winter has been pretty mild once again this year, I thought the squirrels must not have needed their stash so they gathered a huge boxful of nuts and put it in my mailbox, come to find out, it was a sneaky but sweet friend from TX, Annette. Pecans galore is all I can say, YUMMO! What a surprise. Thank you so much YRoT!!!!!!!

Yes, I'm still getting spoiled but soon I will be the one spoiling :-) can't wait! I hope you all have a nice Easter and enjoy your weekend if I don't get back on here. I will share a pic of the K CQ when complete although photos of a CQ just never look very good as you can't see the detail or true color like you can in person.


  1. So glad you are getting spoiled.the lap quilt is perfect and of course with flowers to spread some joy. Glad you liked the Texas pecans, or maybe it was the squirrels. LOL

    Enjoy all that we like to spoil you with. xoxo

    1. forgot to say hope the knee and the trip and all go well. You are going to be one traveling momma, be safe and have fun. xo


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