Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Think Spring!

It may be snowing but I'm thinking SPRING! After 10 days of a horrible head cold, I can't help but try to keep in mind that spring will be here soon and I will awake to sunshine and singing birds as I waft downstairs to make a cup of tea then drift out to my trusty porch swing where I will spend some quiet morning time before heading to the beach for a stroll.
That sounds too good to be true as I look out the window at the blowing snow however one must stay positive.
In the midst of this crummy head cold a beautiful bouquet arrived from my mom. Purple tulips, spider mums, snapdragon, etc, a perfect arrangement to get my mind thinking spring. It was kind of funny how the delivery gal stood on the top porch step and reached over to hand these to me as if I were highly contagious with a deadly disease. I can only imagine mom placing the order and telling them I was terribly ill. LOL. Possibly on my death bed.
I've been spending my days working on the "K" cq. Last night I made some hydrangeas and aged some lace. I can't believe I've got such little time to complete this task, what was I thinking? There are some things I keep in mind to help me think positive and move forward. One thing I'm excited about is an upcoming trip to South Carolina with two dear friends in April, Dawn and Terri. It is going to be amazing. Three of us in a Terri's mom's condo near the water just stitching, gabbing and relaxing.

Terri bought tickets for us to spend one day exploring the gardens and estates in Charleston, a dream come true for me. I've never had anyone who would want to do that with me, and now, the three of us are going to experience it together. Terri's mom stocked the place with wine for the relaxing evenings sitting by the pool or lounging in the living room exchanging stories about everything under the sun.

When I return home I am buying a lace cap hydrangea for the new garden addition for 2013. I don't know why I've never bought one before, I love them.

I try not to think about my upcoming journeys too much or else I'm useless for the rest of the day.  I'm trying to be disciplined and finish my project so I can feel I "earned" these great rewards. So, I better head back to the studio. I have tons more stitching to do. I hope you enjoy your day.


  1. I to am ready for spring and the sunshine! I've been daydreaming as I browse through our seed catalogs and getting ideas for our garden this year..

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM CST

    Was wondering where you were. Sorry you were sick, tho flowers are lovely!! Take care, Suzie in Idaho

  3. YES!I wanted you to have flowers so badly!They are beautiful~ don't forget to make the snapdragons "talk! We just had rain today thank goodness but it was a good day to get sewing done.I am redoing my whole side garden next to the road and am planting at least 2 hydrangas there. Check out White flower Farm web site ~ they have beautiful ones and also those pretty tall grasses with the fluffy pink tops. I'm going to wait till we get back too ~ we can both get inspired from the Charleston Gardens and then copy some of it in our own garden!!!

  4. bonjour
    j' espère que vous allez mieux
    et que le temps va s' arranger très vite
    on a besoin tellement de soleil
    j' ai 50 glaïeuls à planter
    et des fuschias qui résistent au froid
    bonne soirée
    edith(iris) France

  5. HI MB, so glad you are feeling better. Just thinking about walking on the beach is the sign of 100% well. My heart went out to you but now sewing on your beautiful project. LOL I can imagine what your Mom said, probably what I would have said also.

    Hugs and hugs

  6. I hope you are feeling better!The flowers from your Mom are breathtaking!!!!


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