Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Sunshine today!

It may be cold but there is sunshine in my world today.I spent a little shopping time with Megan last week and it refreshed me to continue my work on CQ and the magazine. Sometimes you just need a distraction to allow you to focus again. I have so many wonderful things happening and some stressful things so you must find a balance somewhere. With the help of friends, I seem to do that with little effort which I am thankful for.
A wonderful way to de-stress is by playing with dye! Ellen Eddy invited me to play so off I went, tattered doilies and lace trims in hand. I stopped to pick up our usual cherry slushie drinks for studio play and arrived being greeted by her sweet family of Greyhounds, each a delight. Little Birdie seemed a little lost without her sister Kara which passed over the rainbow bridge last year. Her brothers are keeping her company though and you couldn't have a better mom than Ellen. Her fur babies are, how shall I say it......SPOILED!!!! There's always a jar or two of doggie biscuits on hand for visitors to treat them. They get special ear rubs which you can only envy,and they are so well behaved, more so than many children. So as the three "children" snoozed, we played in dye. Here are some of my results.
  These softer colors are yummy for a project I am working on.
 The colors of this silk chiffon make me weak in the knees. If I would be any fabric, I would be silk chiffon....soft appearing but tougher than you think,LOL.
Of course I had to play with purples! Boho bags in my future!
 Ellen had a special surprise for me. A few of her dear friends had phoned me one day for a little advice for a gift for Ellen. I feel like I know them from hearing about them for a few years from Ellen. They are true treasures to her and I am so happy about that. Well, Semone, the name I hear so often had sent me a package of laces. When I started pulling out each piece I was more than overwhelmed. My mind was whirling with confusion as to why Semone would let go of these pieces and why she chose me to receive them. I guess you must have a deep love and respect for vintage lace to understand my feelings ,(which I think many crazy quilters were born with). Every piece was unbelievable. Well, I must show you, and I am not bragging, these are just too lovely not to share with fellow lace lovers. So............
This one grouping below has a piece with gold metallic thread...amazing!
 These black pieces are so sheer it feels like a spider web. The design is well, I have no words.
 This one was a sleeve.......... Can you imagine wearing that? Perhaps a wedding dress?
 The applique is gorgeous.
 There were many more pieces, including some sweet tatting Ellen made for me but I was so excited when taking the photos they were too blurry to share,LOL. Thank you Ellen :-)
If there is any chance you are reading this Semone, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to get back to work, so have a great day and I hope you have sunshine but if you don't, make some :-)


  1. WOW Pat! What a treasure of gorgeous laces - how lucky you are to have such sweet friends. I can only imagine how your brain is swimming with ideas and can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Glad you had such a fabulous day - and such wonderful materials and laces to inspire you.

  3. Gorgeous....just lovely!

  4. you have some amazing dyed fabrics there, what a joy just to look at them
    also a great selection of laces too.

  5. aw.....i love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just need more time!!!That's what I say while I look at all my lovely stashes.....


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