Friday, February 15, 2013

Little projects to keep me sane (or am I?)

Good snowy morning here in Chesterton. It is a light snowfall this morning, one of those "Picture perfect" kind you see in movies. I will be watching it from the studio as I continue stitching away. Last week I did take a few hours to create two small items. A pouch and an accessory case. I like to break up large projects by working on smaller ones in between. Somehow I make the time to do this so I don't get bored with one certain project. Perhaps that is why I always complain of having no time,LOL. Anyway, here they are.....accessory case..........

Neck pouch with chain......I added one end of chain to front of pouch and one to the back in case it looks as if I had forgotten one side :-)

other than that I have been working on packing MIL's house up, visiting mom, working on the "K" project, finishing a ribbon order, finishing the Spring issue of the magazine, getting papers together for Uncle Sam (ick) and trying to keep a step ahead of myself. In between that I am thankful for the "me" time with Ellen and the quilt guild meeting.

Tomorrow is Megan's birthday so I bought a cake from a bakery because I wanted a pretty one, LOL. All the years I have baked for my guys, as long as it was chocolate, it didn't matter how it looked, just toss a few candles and decorations on top and ta da! Sad but true. Mom always wanted a torte, so that was from the bakery too, but now I can buy pretty cakes. :-) So hopefully they will still get to come down, not sure how much snow Michigan will get.

Well I had better put my muse to work and head back to the studio. I hope you have a great day wherever you are!


  1. Pat, they re both gorgeous! How large is the neck pouch? Love the colors and silkie... Your work is exquisite.

  2. Oh your colors are so pretty. Of course. I know what you mean you have to have smaller projects every once in a while. Guess that is why I do my " messy" art every once in a while. But sadly today is clean up the messy art room? Hummmmm wonder if that is doing art or straying away from it ? have a great weekend and hugs to ya my MB xoxo

  3. You are super talented. I so look forward to each new project you share with everyone. I was excited that I found another picture of your crazy quilt project that I wanted to see the rest of so much. I had a picture of it on my board, and now it is joined by a larger version (still not the whole quilt) but more of it. It is stunning! Wish to see the whole quilt in all it's glory! Please share. By the way, purples and lavenders are my favorites, along with shades of pink. Thank you for sharing the beautiful neck pouch! Soon I will find time to start a block as I have been practicing stitching. Tough on my OLD fingers, started too late in life. I can still work on my mosaics and quilts though I so want to crazy quilt. I will be happy when I feel I am good enough to complete a block. Snowing here again today. Hurricane Sandy and the Blizzard were enough for me!


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