Monday, January 21, 2013

What is it? New project I'm bursting to share.

First off, it is 8 below zero here and I can feel it in this old house. To me, it is comfy but for poor DH, well, he is bundled up on the couch with a blanket and the infra red heater by him as well as having the furnace on. I can't handle that much heat but no worries, I have been in my studio stitching up a storm all day. It is early for me to stop, but my stomache is growling and I know DH is hungry too, so I thought I would post a few lines before calling it an evening.
So, I received this gorgeous vintage box for my birthday last year from a very sweet and dear friend. I gasped at the beauty and was overwhelmed by the offering. I still can't believe it is mine however, neither of us know what it was used for. That doesn't matter because it sits on my side by side secretary in the living room so I can see it often and dream of the original owner. Does anyone know what it was for? I thought perhaps it was for a lace or fancy collar??? 
This is the front.....

This is a side which has a beautiful detailed design. It is like the lincrusta which is from 1877 and made from a paste of linseed oil and wood flour spread on a paper base then rolled with a pattern. It was used on walls and floors of the wealthy.

 This is the top with a beautiful pastel lady image.
 This is the top part of the box opened. It is lined with a sage green satin. The center round area is permanent. I hide my inks in there for now since it is on the secretary.
There are two beautiful closures, one on the top part and one on the lower. I love the images of the delicate trim and roses. I could stare at it forever. It is much more beautiful in person.
 This is the lower half opened. I keep grandma's hankies in there. So any guesses?

Now, I have permission to share an exciting project. I am making the Kreinik thread company a crazy quilt for their traveling display. I have been using their threads long before I started crazy quilting and I am so honored to have the chance to do this. I am incorporating some of their family photos so it will have more meaning for them. I am in the piecing process right now but I can share the center design I came up with and embroidered yesterday.
I used my hand as a guide for size and a calling card design turning it upside down then adding the Kreinik name to the business card. I put a spool of metallic thread in the hand since that is my favorite thread to use in crazy quilting and I cut into a vintage lace cuff to create one here. I'm filling the CQ with vintage laces and lots of fun things hoping it will have a "family heirloom" feel in modern lighter colors. So, that is what I'm up to...oh yes, I didn't forget the magazine. It is coming along nicely.
Stay warm if you are in the below zero areas and have a great creative week!


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM CST

    Hi Pat....
    What a gorgeous is a stunning example and one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen. I believe it is a celluloid box...perhaps for a collar or cuffs but I am not sure. Alot of times they came with a round base inside to put a collar around to keep it in shape. Your friend must truly love you to pieces ;)
    I am so excited for you about your quilt project...what an honor that is..and I dont think they could find anyone that could do their threads more justice than you my friend..I know it will be truly special and cant wait to see the finished will be amazing!!
    Hope you are keeping warm..I have been freezing here all day..I think we are about where you are in Michigan with the weather..but we really havre had a mild winter so far. I had to laugh..I was just sitting in front of the infra red heater getting toasty..your husband is not the only one that cant get enough warmth today ;)
    Takecare, Shannon

  2. Pat, Your beautiful box is a Victorian Collar Box. I love the quilt you're working on,it's so delicate and graceful. Wish I had your talent!

  3. Beautiful box and amazing embroidery.

  4. Pat, congratulations on the Kreinik quilt. I can't think of anyone who would be better to do this than you! Your collar box is a real treasure. Lucky girl! Hugs, Cathy

  5. I love the collar box, Pat. The bottom was used for jewelry. Yours is so beautiful! Congrats on the crazy quilt, it looks like you're off to a beautiful start!

  6. I love your collar box! and congratulations on your crazy quilt for Kreinik! Wendy

  7. Beautiful collar box!!! I have not seen one with a bottom that opens. The design is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it. Congratulations on your Kreinik piece. You are off to a fantastic start. I'm sure they will love it!

  8. Beautiful box Pat! Fabulous news that you are creating a piece for Kreinik. The centerpiece you've designed is wonderful, can hardly wait to see the rest!

  9. Firstly keep warm and those fingers warm so you can keep creating that beautiful art piece for Kreinik. It is going to be fabulous I just know it. the box? Wow how pretty is that and good to know what it is for. Besides pretty hankies. Keep us posted on the pretty art piece. xoxoxo

  10. Your box is wonderful Pat....just love it.

  11. Gorgeous box and gorgeous work Pat, as always! Love looking at your blog....*big sigh*....

  12. I love that box!!I am going to say hat box?????
    And congrats on the Kreinik quilt..that's quite an honour and you so deserve it!


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