Friday, January 04, 2013

Still working on projects and such

Last week I met Megan, my son's girlfriend, at the outlet mall in Michigan City. It was a mild day and the sun popped out as we started our shopping. All the shops had great sales and Megan found a few pieces to build her professional wardrobe. I never realized how difficult it was to shop when you  are a size 1 or 1.5. I unfortunately have never had that problem, LOL. The clothes are so cute these days with the mix and matching of sweaters over dresses to look like skirts. I loved watching  and helping her select items and wished I had that excitement when I'm shopping for myself.

 As we walked in and out of the many shops it reminded me of when mom would take me to the mall. She never bought herself anything but was always making me try on everything. Now I feel the same enjoyment to see a young lady enjoying new clothes. I had to treat her to a few things, you know, like living through her, things I would buy if I were 22, gorgeous and tiny :-)

As we departed the last shop of interest and was on our way back to our cars I saw a shop that stopped me dead in my tracks. There in front of us, only a few yards away, was a Lindt candy shop. The windows were filled with large jars of colorful wrapped spheres of chocolate in so many flavors. I think my mouth automatically fell open and my eyes widened. I had no idea we had a Lindt shop. It didn't take much to persuade Megan to go in for a peek. I just stood gazing around thinking perhaps I was dreaming. Could this be true? The melt in your mouth velvety smooth chocolate that I treat myself to on rare occasions was now in front of me in varieties I never knew existed? Raspberry, coffee,coconut, peanut butter, etc..... Oh my goodness. I handed Megan a bag and told her to start choosing. I gathered a few for myself DH :-)  The sales guy offered us a sample of the limited edition snow ball or something wrapped in a pretty light turquoise foil. When we stepped outside I immediately indulged in my freebie.

Back at our cars we made plans to meet at my house then head to Valpo. We hit Marshall's, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc then we went to Panera and enjoyed macaroni and cheese. It was just what we both had the taste for and it hit the spot. It was a nice day and I enjoyed myself and had forgotten about anything negative, including calories,LOL.

I finished up another project today and have one more to go. I'm taking breaks and finding stitching time. I will share the project after it has been received. In the mean time, I had to run to Office Max yesterday so I stopped at Hobby Lobby and browsed a bit. I found this wire doll form and had to have it.
I hung embroidery scissors on the pegs and put it in the studio. I love the rusted head and everything about her. I also discovered if you forgot to print out a coupon you can bring up the ad on your phone and they take the code from there. Cool! I didn't need it for her because all metal is on sale this week but I did get some interfacing and it came in handy for that.

Tomorrow I am making mom a pan of lasagna. She asked for it at Christmas and I forgot with all the happenings going on. DH returns to work on Monday and I will miss him. It has been kind of nice hanging out even if it has been a crazy time lately. I have to get back to my tasks such as the magazine and a commission quilt plus my CQ for my living room. This year I made no resolutions. I'm going to take it as it comes, one day at a time and make the best of it. I get more done that way, and much more enjoyment. Mom wants to go to St. Joe soon so I will plan for that in a week or two.
She is doing fine but tires easily. Keeping her interested in theses little trips make a big difference and I know she enjoys them very much, as do I. Small things truly are the best gifts, and the most meaningful as we grow older. Time passes too quickly and you have to enjoy your life, not just live. I am reminded of that often these days. It is so easy to get in a rut and not step out of the ho hum daily duties from time to time. I plan on many Michigan trips this year!

Thank you all for the condolence cards and emails. We appreciated each one. It is hard to lose a loved one at any time but near a holiday, it just overshadows the events as many of you know. You just have to move forward and keep the memories and feel lucky that you were a part of their life. Everything will be fine and I plan to stitch up a storm! I hope you are having a great start to your New Year.

If you have anything you want to share in the Spring issue please send it to Tutorials, project photos, new stash, storage tips, etc. It looks to be a great issue for Spring 2013.


  1. Hi Patsy Girl, I'm so glad you have Megan in your life! I was reminded of shopping trips with my girls as I read your post. It's a wonderful thing!!!! Jaci and Cheri have that awful problem of finding size 1~ it makes your heart ache for those poor girls.(kidding!!!!) I'm still working on a certain someones gift ~ soon! Lots of Love to YOU!!!!

  2. You always have the best times, Pat! I saw the wire lady at Hobby Lobby also, and gravitated toward her. I tried in vain to think what to do with her and where to put her, but came up with nothing and had to walk away. I'm happy you're able to spend such quality time with your mother, enjoy and remember, they'll become your most precious memories.

  3. Oh Megan sounds like a true keeper and a delight to be around. The wire lady looks perfect. nice and strong to do her job of the sissor lady. You have fun my dear and love your way of blogging and doing. Do so enjoy 2013 and have a great weekend. xoxox

  4. I love that outlet mall. It has some of the coolest stuff. And Happy New Year!

  5. Pat,
    Shopping with Megan is so much fun especially when chocolate is involved.

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