Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project gatherings and rambling thoughts

Today as I was chopping carrots for stew my mind wandered to my Mother in law. She was a great cook and no one could top her prime rib or her fresh French Bread. It dawned on me that although she didn't introduce me to crazy quilting, her instruction for traditional quilting was probably the foundation for my CQ. Why you ask? Well, she couldn't stress enough how important is was to choose fabrics to include a solid, small pattern, large pattern, light, med and dark color, and a color or design to make it all "pop!" She was always impressed by my choices and how quickly I made them. I think that was what kept my attention to want to learn more about the quilting world, I got to play with colors and designs in cloth. Whoo Hoo!

Without thinking about it I find that to be true as I am choosing my fabrics for a crazy quilt project only now I get to play with texture too! I don't usually choose printed fabrics but I look for small, med and large design in the tone one tone fabrics or I use a sheer or lace overlay. Then I began to think of Ellen Anne Eddy, who told me a few years ago and in a much more understandable way than I can explain, that I am just unfamiliar with the vocabulary, but I just "know" about color and design and how to apply it naturally, and I am fortunate that way. I assumed she was being kind because how could a self taught person have any knowledge of such things, after all, I'm just playing with colors and embellishments I love and having fun. Could it be so simple? Well, Yes. It can be, and if you ask any of my students I'm sure they will tell you I do not stress working from a color wheel, or using specific fabrics. I'm NOT saying there is anything wrong with that at all, I just see it from a different angle,  using colors you love and enjoy working and living with and I must say, I've seen some pretty incredible work from my students.  It doesn't matter how you get there, just get there with a smile.

So getting back to my point, Belle unknowingly set a mental foundation for me which works for anything involving creativity. Gardening, crazy quilting, decorating, cooking, etc. It all comes down to a using a bit of variety in all things. Ta Da!

If this could possibly be applied to the world, putting us all together without judgement of being a small pattern, medium pattern or large pattern, light, medium or dark fabric, it could be a happy place couldn't it?

Well, off my soap box and back to earth for a while, I am about to piece my next project and wanted to share a peek with you. I don't know what it will be yet, I just have a need to work in these colors today.
The photo isn't very true to color, don't know what happened but the colors are pale rosy pink, ecru and chocolate browns. Too boring? Too depressing? What are your thoughts....no, it won't stop me from continuing, I was just curious :-) I like to hear opinions and am not offended by your thoughts, otherwise I wouldn't ask, so please share. However, if you are going to be harsh, you had better have some chocolate coming my way! :-)
You should know me by now, I do what I want, LOL. No Rules!

So have a great evening and try to get in some creative time.


  1. Rosy pink and ecru is a winning combo. BUT, the addition of chocolate color makes a really nice idea. Would not have thought of the brown, but I can see how it would be very effective - cannot wait to see the end project.
    Best think I ever did was take your 2 Summer classes. Hugs to you, Denise

  2. The combo looks sublime! Whatever you decide to create will be wonderful in this palette.
    Hugs and Best Wishes for this coming year!

  3. Rosy pink and ecru with a touch of chocolate is the perfect recipe for an Easter block with a rabbit running around the garden. :)

  4. Oh the colors are so soft and pretty and the "chocolate" will just give it a base so it won't float off. Can't wait to see what you make but I know will be yummy. xoxoxo See I am thinking food. xo

  5. Anonymous6:20 PM CST

    I really like it soft, pleasing, soothing, calming are my thoughts. Can't wait til it is done I'm sure it will be spectacular, Chris, former student

  6. your colours I feel are just right so delicate I love them. So lucky to have the eye for colour, I do think I have improved over the years but still a long way to go!

  7. Hello Pat
    I'm a french quilting teacher, and I would tell you that you've not to wonder if the colors you choosed are too booring or depressive or not! They are wonderful, and if you feel them, work with them! I'm sure , your mother in law is still with you from sky, looking for you, loving you!
    I'm sure you'll make a wonderful quilting as you use to do! I love your work!
    Hugs and kisses

  8. I think the colors are wonderful, and probably about the palette I will use when I make one of my Boho bags for a nursing friend at work! Great choice! Hugs, Karrin

  9. Hi Pat, I love the colors. Pinks and greens are my favorite except for purple and olive. That touch of chocolate will give it that touch to make it all stand together. Don't know what you will make, but I'm sure it will be great!! I had surgery on my right wrist the first of the month, took stitches out today so I plan to get some material together soon and start something too. I'll be looking for the finished product.
    Hugs, Pat


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