Monday, January 28, 2013

Busy as usual

Good morning peeps! I've come to accept I will never catch up with myself. This is my life and I am accepting it. I do seem to make room for everything so until it becomes overwhelming, I'm going to hush about it and just move forward taking each day as it arrives. There are so many new artists I am discovering, and many adventures I want to take, many projects waiting to be started, and things I just want to explore. I guess you can't do it all, but I'm going to do what I can to keep enjoying what all is offered me.

Pinterest for me, has  been awesome. I know many don't care for it but I love it. I complain of time lost while pinning and browsing, but I have added to my wardrobe, met new friends, found amazing work, and discovered wonderful helpful tips. I now have extremely clean stove burners thanks to a Pin using ammonia and a Ziploc bag. That alone is worth any time I may have "wasted" on Pinterest.
I woke up Sunday morning,ran down to the kitchen excited to reveal my clean burners but thinking there is no way this worked. Well, it did! I carefully removed a burner from its bag of 1/4 cup ammonia and placed it in soapy water and barely washed off the residue. It fell off in chunks, and I didn't even know they were that bad. With little washing and about 10 minutes in all, I had a stove top that looked good as new. I was delighted and almost burst out in song.

On  Friday I received a gift that I just had to share parts of. My bud in CT made a covered musical jewelry box she had found on one of her outings which I think was part of all little girls' childhood. It is covered in a gorgeous rich green fabric and embellished with roses dancing here and there. Look closely and you will see childhood photos of my mom and dad in the heart locket. She added a clover and horseshoe for my dad's nickname, "Lucky". How sweet is that.
 Did you have one of these jewelry boxes? The one with the little ballerina that danced when you 
lifted the lid?
  Well both of us had one but as many precious tokens of childhood, mine has been discarded or lost with time. This one Terri re purposed for me was filled with sweet offerings such as one of her precious pin cushions made from a tiny ceramic vase and a thimble holder made with bits and pieces of yummy lace, embroidery and beading with a ceramic thimble hidden inside, and something that brought tears to my eyes.....
A  pretty velvet bookmark with a tiny framed photo of my baby Angell.The love she poured into this was transferred to my soul as I inspected every beautiful detail.
 I rarely share posts on gifts anymore because I know they are personal things from the givers heart to mine however I know Terri would know I couldn't NOT share this. I have placed the bookmark in my magazine notebook since that is the one thing I am always adding notes to and reviewing. Memories are bittersweet sometimes, but I would rather have them than none at all. Thankfully I have many from so many special people and fur babies.

This is the last week for any tutorials or sharing your work photos for the Spring issue #9, so get them in asap. (Thanks)

DH just got home, I hear him downstairs so I am outta here. Be well and create!


  1. My sister had one of those music boxes Pat, I used to play with it all the time. What Terri did for you is absolutely gorgeous, and so touching. What thought and love went into this. Thank-you for sharing with us, it's incredible!

  2.'ll never know what a joy it was to do and what it means to me that you felt the love that was in it.I'm sharing my beautiful book when I post tomorrow. It has been carried all around the house a dozen times ~ even Ted is getting jealous of it ~ lol!!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Me and my sisters all had one of them, you have made this one so gorgeous I love it. Hugs, Pearl

  4. Wow what a wonderful and thoughtful and gorgeous surprise.

    I never owned one but do remember seeing them.

    You'll have a treasure forever now

  5. Ah yes, I did have one of those music boxes. Terri did a lovely job transforming it. It looks as though she didn't miss a detail. P.S. The pics of your mom and dad are adorable!

  6. Very beautiful! Your bookmark is beautiful. Terry is so creative.

  7. How did I miss this post? What a beautiful treasure Terri made for you and so sweet of her too.... she is a doll. The box is simply gorgeous!


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