Friday, January 18, 2013

Artful Gathering 2013

Pre-registration is open for Artful Gathering 2013 online Art Retreat!!!

  I just wanted to drop in to remind those who enjoyed last year's Artful Gathering online classes to check out the classes for 2013. I am taking a "time off" this year because I have things to catch up on but I shall return with new classes in 2014. However, there are so many interesting classes working in a variety of mediums to try, and I guarantee you will enjoy them and the wonderful teachers. Zinnia is so helpful in making registration easy and guiding you to your class. She is always there to help and your online teacher is always available to answer questions and the "classes" you take in the comfort and convenience of your home allows you to connect with other students and learn from each other. Last year my student, Annette Graves, took the opportunity to keep the camaraderie going and formed a blog for anyone interested in crazy quilting or mixed media and it is a hoppin' place with shared ideas and projects for tons of inspiration.
 So, if you have the time, go check it out Artful Gathering 2013, you can register for any amount of classes your muse desires.
If you are interested in crazy quilting, check out the Crazy Quilt Passion blog. It's a fun place!


  1. Hi ,it s evelyne from france . and I a m very interessed ...... big kisses .

  2. Hi, Pat: Looking forward to 2014 and whatever class you're going to teach. I've been reading all the pre-registration class emails from Zinnia. Looks like there will be a pot full of wonderful classes to take in 2013. I already have more classes I want to take on my list than I have time for! LOL LOL Linda


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