Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another fiber book and a beach walk

I spent the entire day creating a book for a special lady who saw Jan's and wanted one for her daughter's birthday. I enjoyed making it for a young lady and added some personal photos her mother emailed to me upon request. I added several pages with flaps that revealed the birthday girl and the last page, her beagle, Candy. Here are a few pics. I did add a few more touches after these were taken to fill some empty spaces.
 I was distressing the pages and spritzed the mother's beautiful photo and caused a few darker spots so I sent another clear photo so all she had to do was iron it right over this one in case she didn't like to have freckles.
 I printed tiny photos of Angelica and her mom to insert into the tiny gold locket.
Her mother also sent four lovely letters which I included throughout the book. Her birthday is January 21st and it has to travel to Indonesia so I had to finish it and run to the post office this morning. Happily it all came together and now I know I can do one if needed, in a day...whew!

Since I was already in Beverly shores mailing it, I hopped down to the beach and took a stroll. It was chilly but mild and I found quite a few green mermaid tears. I took photos of the lake with my phone and emailed them to myself but they haven't arrived yet and I am ready for bed, so  perhaps another time.

DH took today and tomorrow off,LOL, you would think he would be sick of me after two months vacation, but anyway I picked up a pizza on the way home to keep a fast snack for him and spent the day purging my studio. How does one acquire so much stuff?

I have some exciting news to share next time....if I can wait that is. Have a great day tomorrow! TGIF!


  1. Hi Pat,
    Your book is beautiful and those type books are my favorite to create too. You did a beautiful job. I'm so happy to see you back to your ole self again and that your spirits are lifted:)
    BIg Hugs and love, Marilou

  2. The book is lovely.
    Your beach walks always sounds so relaxing and when I read 'green mermaid tears' it really made me want to go walk on the beach somewhere. I assume those are pieces of glass? But what a wonderful name for them.

  3. The book is so elegantly beautiful! I would so love to be able to create the way you do!

    Our 10th wedding anniversary is in February and we have been discussing a trip to Sanibel Island. I think we are going to have to wait until fall to go but I hope to walk on the sand sometime this year.

  4. Oh Pat, this is gorgeous! How does one acquire so much stuff? You can't ask me about that one. My little 9 X 9 storage room is over flowing with my craft supplies. I can't help it, I love them!

    Hugs, Pam

  5. Beautiful as always Pat. Your work is so inspiring to us all. LOL on the STUFF. I look sometimes and think do I need all this STUFF? Am I a hoarder? I do hope not, but like the pretties that go along with creating. My goal, if I keep it this year, is to use as much as I can so then I can go out and buy more. Sounds good to me. Take care my dear and yum on the Pizza. xoxoxo

  6. The book is absolutely beautiful!! And I'm envious of your walk on the beach...

  7. Hi Pat, I love this book! I do have a question, I love to cq, however I go through burn outs. How do you prevent that with all the awesome projects you do?


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