Friday, January 11, 2013

Another beach day!!!

Well I took a chance and asked mom if she wanted to try for a beach walk and she accepted. It was pretty mild at my house and a bit cooler and windy at mom's, just 5 miles North, so I figured we may not get  much time strolling. We arrived and there were several cars lined up. As we approached the steps I took a pic of mom raring to go down to the shore.

I then saw the "gatherer's" bent over in search of treasure. As you can see, the sky was overcast but it was 50 degrees.

 The wind started to pick up a bit and I felt a light mist on my face. I knew I had better turn back or mom would have a sinus problem tomorrow if she gets chilled. I found a few pieces but it was obvious pickers had been out early today.
 At least I got mom to the beach and she really enjoyed it.
Below is a picture from my beach walk yesterday. Looks the same as today (above with mom),LOL.
Oh yeah, on our way to the beach we passed the train station and there was a rummage sale sign so we pulled in. They were having a sale to benefit the museum. As mom was telling the lady all about my youth, (yes, really) I was browsing through the neat offerings and found a few things. First of all I immediately spotted this architectural piece.
 I was thinking above the bed with lace swagged beneath it or perhaps the studio, or maybe the front porch, etc. Then I found some crocheted collars which the lady said was made by a Lithuanian lady who lived in Beverly shores for years. Next, I gathered the four porcelain "salts" with a beautiful little design and a porcelain painted lotion bottle with lid.

 When I came into the room struggling with the big wooden piece it looked like mom was in shock. She just shook her head and said, "That's my daughter, she will find a piece of junk and make it fit beautifully somewhere." Junk? not this piece, it is really neat in person and....I didn't pay extra for the spider webs and nut shells a squirrel stored behind in a secret hole. LOL.  It is highly unusual to find a rummage sale in Jan, so it was quite fun.

I had to celebrate my new treasures so after the beach stroll I took mom to lunch. We don't have to do anything special to have a good time.

Well, the project I sent to a friend that I couldn't share yet, arrived so now I can give you a peek. Yes, another fiber book. It was made for my sweet friend, Terri, with photos from our meeting in NY last summer after knowing each other for several years online.
Speaking of Terri, I was browsing a bit this morning and saw she had some sweet new offerings in her etsy shop. I love these, and I think you will be tempted too.

 DH and I have started watching Last man standing, so I had better go for now. I hope you have a great weekend with good weather.


  1. Oh you walk on the beach, the orchid sea glass, the lunch and the treasures you found are great. Now the fabric book? that is pure awesome. Ok you have done it I have to make one or ten of these. Have a great weekend my friend and Terri is so blessed. xoxoxo

  2. Your book for Terri is so stunning! she must be over the moon. I see a bit of inspiration from Suzy Q there!! I do love her work almost as much as I love yours!! You are so very good to your Mom, she is so blessed to have you!!

  3. Wonderful post as usual. Love to see your treasures from the beach and other places. I would enjoy the walks just like your mom does.

  4. What a nice time shared with your Mom!I absolutely love your fiber book...I made 2 so far and I am really enjoying it!

  5. One of the most beautiful gifts I have ever recieved ~ I will treasure it forever!!!!It's a new adventure each time I look at it....I always find something else beautiful I hadn't seen before!Thank you for mentioning my etsy stuff!I have had the same tag sale bug!!! I went to one Sunday, like you said,surprised to see one outdoors in Jan! Then I went to the Goodwill and antique shops on the way home.I LOVE the wood thing ~ it's perfection! Back to working on a certain someones Christmas gift...I found lace I liked better this week-end and ripped half of what I had done out so I could use it!Have a GREAT week!!!!!

  6. love it you and your mom at the beach (:)


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