Tuesday, January 29, 2013

60 degrees? Can you say B E A C H !

 Wow, I ran out the door this morning after grabbing a yogurt cup and bottle of water and forgetting to put on moisturizer. I couldn't get to the beach fast enough. It was breezy with overcast skies but the temperature was 60 degrees.  I struggled pouring granola into my yogurt while driving but no one was on the roads so it was no biggie. When I arrived at the beach it was empty, not a soul.
I immediately found a large smooth chunk of glass.
Many others followed. It began to sprinkle so I put my hood up and continued thinking how mom would be beside herself if she knew I was walking alone on the beach in the rain. After about 20 minutes I began thinking of my bud Dawn and how I wished she were walking beside me and guess what? The phone rang and it was her. Really! It doesn't scare me anymore when these things happen between us, I just think it is pretty neat and go on. I took a few pics of the shoreline with piles of snow hills.
 Although I couldn't get to the water, the shore was scattered with a wonderful hunting field for mermaid tears, small rocks to kick through.

On the way back I found a rusty wire thingy and being the "gatherer" that I am, I picked it up. Then I saw a little fish that must have been frozen in the water and transferred to the sand as the lake froze and was stranded as the snow melted and snow receded back into the lake. I put the wire thingy around him.

I took a few steps then went back to get it....I don't know why. So that was my morning on this unusual weather day.  This was my gathered treasure for the morning.
 I just wanted to share my adventure and now I am off to ride my bike and Pin for 45 mins before continuing work on the magazine. I hope your day has some magic in it somewhere. Tootles!


  1. I wish I lived that close to the beach. I would so enjoy the walks and just breathing that wonderful air!

  2. oh to live that close to a beach that mermaid tears are just waiting to be found. Enjoy the wonderful weather. Hugs and hugs my dear. xoxo

  3. A deserted beach is my idea of heaven, thanks for sharing your walk,

  4. Renee S.8:42 AM CST

    Your finds were enough magic for all of us. Wow. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Wisconsin where we only hit 53.

  5. Pat, I love seeing what you find at the beach! You can Pin for only 45 minutes? I'd better set my timer when I get on Pinterest. I'm here for at least an hour when I go there!


  6. It sure was beautiful here also!Boy, how do things change!Snow and blustery wind!
    I am like you!Will never catch up!

  7. OOOhhh....I love beach glass! Haven't been to the beach in a while but always enjoyed going to Holland or Grand Haven beaches as a child and teen. What part of the lake do you hunt? May have to put that on my "fun things to do" list for the summer. Thanks!


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