Saturday, December 15, 2012

Too busy but enjoying special moments

I do it every year and don't know why. I wait and wait thinking things will let up and I will have plenty of time to make what I need to in time to ship off for Christmas then three weeks before THE day I have only few moments here and there to work. The rush is on to finish however I do not like to rush my projects so I am sending notes to say gifts will be slightly late. Perhaps I did not anticipate the issues I am facing this holiday season, but I really should know better. It has been one hectic year on the home front and I know the fantastic trips I enjoyed with special people kept me sane, well, somewhat sane. Michigan, New York, Texas, have all left me with wonderful memories to focus on when I am feeling bombarded with life.

Yesterday I spent the evening with my mother-in-law at the rehab center. This will be her last Christmas and I am trying to pretend otherwise. We spoke of the houseboat family trip on Lake Powell, a favorite of both of ours. She remembered things I had forgotten about and it was nice to be reminded. We laughed at silly things and she told me where to find some photos she wanted me to have. I helped her into her nightgown and she was glad to have that behind her. She had skipped dinner but I kept trying to entice her with suggestions of foods from various nearby restaurants. I guess it worked because she wanted a strawberry shake from Culvers and french fries. It took me less than 10 minutes to drive there and back. When she took the first sip she said,"Ahhhhhhhhh, this tastes so good". I had joined her and picked up a choc shake and agreed, it was delicious. She was enjoying her fries and shake and I was glad to have made that happen. We watched ,Last Man Standing" just before my two brother in laws walked in. They were happy to see her eating. I stayed a short bit longer then excused myself so they could visit. Seeing the beautiful holiday lights on all of the homes as I drove home reminded me of her asking if there were many homes decorated this year. She loves to take drives to view the decorations. We would take her through the decorated parks and through the homes along the lake where Al Capone once lived and inspected the decorations as we judged which was prettiest. I will miss that.

DH has been sick with a head cold all week yet he keeps running here and there to keep the rentals running smoothly. If anyone out there wants to buy 13 rentals and a house, come on down!  It will be so nice when that burden has lifted from our shoulders.

Mom is doing fine and in good spirits. Last night when I returned home there was a Christmas center piece of greenery and fresh flowers waiting for me. I unwrapped it and placed it on the table before calling to thank her. Another reminder of taking the good with the bad in life.

I can't wait to share what I have been working on, but it has to wait for now. When they are received and opened I will share. I have enjoyed myself each time I got to work on my projects because I think of the recipient as I choose what I use.

I was browsing Pinterest and saw some of my pal Terri's etsy offerings and have to share. Her presentation is adorable and so pretty. I know you will agree.

Those are only a few of her treats for the crazy quilter/sewer/mixed media artist. I think these would be sweet to tuck in cards to fellow crazy quilters don't you?

 I have made my Snowman Soup

 My Candy cane Soup
And yes, I even made the Snowman Poop :-)
You can find all of these fun gifties to give to your grocery boy/girl, crying child in store (with mother's approval) and anyone who may need a smile, by clicking this link. Go on, have some fun, you will feel like a kid again and it only takes a few ingredients to make several of each and I keep an assortment in a basket by my door.

 I had better take this free time to work on my gifts, so off I go. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and are getting things wrapped up for the Holidays, whatever you celebrate. Enjoy each moment, take the good with the bad and smile. Hugs and candy canes dipped in chocolate to all.


  1. OH YUM CHOCOLATE AND CANDY CANES. love seeing you post my dear and hearing about your mom and mother in law. The milkshake and french fries sounded pretty good to me also. No calories at all if gotten with love. At least in my world.

    thinking of you all my dear and keep warm and tell hubby that this Texas gal says don't burn your candle at both ends. : )

    Hugs and hugs
    the fledgling YR

  2. Your life sounds as hectic as mine right now, Pat. I'm sorry about you MIL, I know how it is as we are sure this will be my mother's last Christmas. It's so good you're getting that quality time to reminisce and enjoy each others company. It sounds like you'll be needing a vacation after all the festivities!

  3. Oh Pat... what a huge heart you have. I totally got the joy of bringing the shake and fries to your MIL and to see her enjoying it. I got to take my Uncle for his last ride in the country and we ended up getting him and my aunt married! He passed a week later. You just really touched my heart.
    Sweet blessings,

  4. Oh patsy girl, I just realized u posted this! Thank you! Ill email u's so sad here in Ct due to recent events. Love u dear one ;)

  5. Oh Pat I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL, I will say she has been truly blessed to have you as a DIL.
    Love the little happy candy gift bag, too cute and made me smile.
    Blessings to you and your DH this holiday season, you are loved:)'Hugs Marilou xoxo


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