Monday, December 03, 2012

Sunny and warm/shopping/decorating!

I can't believe we are having another mild start to winter. It is so warm outside and sunny. I am going out to decorate in a few, but wanted to check in first. On Saturday Laney and I went shopping. We were supposed to be Christmas shopping but we kept finding things for ourselves. It was quite comical actually. When Laney dropped me off and opened the trunk, we had to laugh. I did get one gift for DH, so it wasn't a total selfish shopping trip. I couldn't help getting a pair of tall boots. I wanted a pair last year but was told not to wear heels by the DR. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.( Sorry knee) They are soooooo comfortable.

We hit all of the Marshall's in the area and found some really neat things, like these large spools of embroidered ribbon. I love the ribbon but I truly bought them for the large wooden spools. I see a project in my future!
 It was so nice to get together and just catch up on things. It was a very fun day!

The bathroom demo is all finished except for a few tiny details such as trim, drawer knobs and towel ring. The sink/vanity came with shiny silver knobs..ick! I found some chippy white metal ones on etsy and I can't wait for them to arrive. I love the sink unit storage.

The shower is clear glass and looks much nicer than the frosted design which surprised both of us. When it is detailed I will share a pic. Grandma's cabinet that previously held the towels and such slipped right into a space in the CQ studio.

I moved two large and two small bead units to the end of my work table. It works great! I filled the cabinet with small items I enjoy seeing and working with to inspire me.

 I wanted to share some pins I decorated with those crystal ring thingy's. Bev and Renee shared some crystal and pearl pins with me and I just had to fancy them up for my studio. Thank you gals!!!!!
 As far as the pantry, I am loving it. Four shelves on all three walls gives me more space than I need which is wonderful.

 I donated several large boxes of items which is also wonderful. My window is fully exposed and I put up a lace curtain to keep it bright in there.

On the entry wall DH added more shelves which I can now store my paper products and glass items I occasionally use. He worked the shelf around the existing pipes so we didn't waste a foot of storage. I was waiting for my paper lace shelf edging to arrive but instead, a sweet and very dear friend sent me some wide eyelet trim which I love so much more. (Thank you so much)

Yesterday I was heading to the beach when I spotted my friend Karen working in her yard...I stuck my head out the window and asked her to join me. Happily she said yes and off we went.
It wasn't sunny but was pretty nice and mild. Karen found the first piece!
 She later found a blue one and gave it to me. She is such a sweetie. It was so nice to visit with her. We continued finding treasure as we walked further and further. Reluctantly we turned around and continued finding goodies. As you can see there wasn't any large waves, just ripples.
Karen discovered this sweet pebble heart outline. I guess being in such a peaceful place is blissful to many.

 These were my findings for the day. Karen found as much and we didn't even pick up all the ones we saw.
 There are some health issues in the family, so if I am not posting you will know why. I just wanted those of you who email and check on me to know I am fine, just preoccupied with life at the moment. Thank you for thinking of me, you are sweet and so thoughtful and I do appreciate it :-)


  1. Hi Pat!
    Great boots - love them and love those spools. Looks like you've had quite a productive few weeks dressing up your pantry and CQ studio - I need to do that too but will wait until 2013.

    I ordered the last 2 issues of CQ Gatherings and am looking forward to receiving them - McCloud said they are on the way. Thank you again for all your hard work in putting together such a wonderful magazine full of eye candy!

    Have a great weeka and take care fo yourself & family.


  2. Nice boots! I wouldn't dare wear heels that high because I know I'd fall off them (seriously, I would). And speaking of falling, were you perched on top of the shower curtain rod when you took that picture of your new vanity?
    Hope the 'issues' resolve themselves soon.

  3. Hi Pat,
    I'm just checking in to see what's new and hope and pray all the health issues get resolved and everything will get back to normal. I too just ordered the last 2 issues of your magazine and now I will have them all.
    Such eye candy and inspiration.
    Take care and know I'm sending love and kind thoughts your way to you and your family:)
    Hugs, Marilou xoxo

  4. Oh Pat, I cant believe you found those spools!!!!! I bought the same one but with bright blue velvet this Sat at TJ Maxx. as soon as I got home with it, I told Frank I have to go back this week and get one for Pat -lol! I also found a pretty button display in the book section for $2.99! I got it for inspiration as I want package up my vintage buttons and sell them on etsy. I tried the tall boots on too!!!! I love the ones you got, they look vintage almost. It's beautiful here too, I got all the lights up outside on the fence and door today and raked more leaves. Tomorrow is going to be in the 60's, whoo hoo! This weather is just heaven! The redo's look great!!! You are right to go with functional as far as the pantry...when we added our 5 yrs ago, I did the whole decorative thing at first and ended up redoing the whole thing functional, it's so much better! Well dear girl, sweet dreams!

  5. well your have a hubby and a half there,(any chance of parcelling him up and lending him to me for a few jobs?) wonderful things happening in your pantry, I envy you there and the bathroom sink looks a treat. The old towel cupboard had been put to a much better use, such a tidy sewing room, have so enjoyed reading this latest blog
    I do so hope the health issues will be sorted soon and you will all be well once again.

  6. Hi pat! Your bathroom is gorgeous!! I so want to re-paint mine but it has only been 2 years and I know dear hubby would fuss but I just do not like the color that we went with... I may try my hand at a beg or two next year though. It needs some sprucing up!

    Your boots are fantastic! My calves are shaped in a way that I have never been able to wear boots.

    Hubby is taking me to Sanibel Island in february for our 10th anniversary. Through you I have now learned that there are more things to search for than seashells. Will let you know what I come back with. :)

  7. I just received the 2 copies of the Winter Issue!! The issue is awesome!! I know what I will be curling up with tonight while hubby watches television!!

    My ad on the back cover looks fantastic!!! Thanks so much Pat!

  8. Hi dear lady, love the boots I still don't have any, one day I will get a whim and get some, they NEVER have my size so good excuse. I do want some. I even use to have the white "gogo" type boots and wore them proudly. The renovations are looking wonderful. My thoughts are with you and hugs and hugs. xoxoxo

  9. Renee Shedivy4:36 PM CST

    Love the remodeling. Glad we got to see the before and hopefully we'll see the new in 2013. Love what you did with the pins too. All the best for very happy holidays!


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