Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting back to whatever normal is :-)

Hi peeps, I'm beginning to find my way back to whatever my "normal" life was/is. It has been one heck of a journey this year. Ups and downs one after another. I'm sure you have experienced the same but I for one am hoping, or looking forward to a year of more ups than downs if possible. Anyway, I promised to share some of the projects I actually did get to complete during this wild ride I call life. This fiber book was inspired by the gorgeous ones on Pinterest (where else?) It was made for a special friend who enjoys them as much as I do.....and she has quite a sense of humor so I played that up a bit as you will see.                                       
 This is the cover. I used a variety of vintage laces which she loves as well.
The first page has her photo as a little girl, page three has a poem

Page four has a photo I took of her in class when a piece of fabric stuck to her glasses and looked like a birds beak. It was too funny and she loves birds, so.....
Page five features another poem.

Page six has another photo of her as a child and page seven has a little door that reveals yet another poem.

 The last page, back cover has a page that flips down to reveal one of my favorite photos.The little girl listening to the ocean through a large conch shell.Something I used to do often with a shell my mother saved from a trip to Florida before I was a twinkle in my father's eye. I loved that shell and still have it. Strange what we tend to cherish isn't it?

So that was one gift I did finish and now for the other item, a purse for a dear woman who just received it. This is a bad photo but the only one I took because I was in a hurry to catch the mail lady.

 I have a couple projects almost completed. I will be working on them for the next few days and watching the snow fall curled up in my comfy chair with plenty of caramel spiced cider and tea by my side.

Although this Christmas was overshadowed by the loss of my Mother in law, I couldn't help but enjoy the thrill of watching Megan enjoy her new tablet. DS got a kick out of her tuning everything out to explore her new toy. We had her open it early just in case she wanted a different one, she wouldn't have to deal with mailing it back to exchange. Luckily it was the one she wanted.
 It was an exchange of techy items for the most part this year. DS gave me the new iphone 5 which I am finding quite fun although I have much to learn and explore. I had DS order himself some techy goodies which I have no idea what they are for but he was happy, DS gave DH a tablet so he didn't have the weight of the laptop when he wanted to browse the internet. DS gave us a unit to replace Roku...we are learning but haven't quite mastered it,LOL. We did actually get a movie playing...once.
I took this picture Christmas Eve. DS and DH just hanging out a while before DS went to Megan's parents. They returned later and spent the night and we enjoyed Christmas day together.

I spent a few hours at mom's Christmas Eve/day. We shared a pot of tea together and exchanged gifts while reminiscing over past Christmases. She is ready for a trip to St. Joe so we may take a ride in a week or two. I can't wait to go back to Kalamazoo and stay at the castle on the hill B&B. I will take plenty of pictures. We already talked about having breakfast on the large front porch overlooking the neighborhood. I know she can hardly wait either. Of course we will have to make a stop at the confectionery chop before checking in,LOL.

Well, I had better get moving. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and if you go out to celebrate New Years, be careful and enjoy!


  1. Hi Pat. It's great to see your work! You book is absolutely lovely. Lucky friend!
    Happy New Year,
    Hugs, Chris

  2. Your book is delightful, I love the colours.
    Your friend will love it.
    Hugs, Angela.x

  3. Hi Pat, oh your book is beautiful I know you friend loved it as we do looking at it. funny how some Christmases turn out to be techie ones isn't it? keep warm and love seeing what you create. xoxo

  4. Hi Patricia,
    Happy New Year 2013 !!!
    Pati, you art. work i all Beautiful ,
    manu hugs...,

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous!I tired to look closer but my computer wouldn't make the pics bigger.Megan looks adorable! <3 <3 <3

  6. Hi Pat

    I am glad things settled down so you could all enjoy a great Christmas. I think techie christmas gifts are the thing of the future. My kids and grandkids did all right in that way also.

    I just want you to know that I think your book for your friend is the most beautiful I have seen.
    It is so you. I could have said Pat W made it without even knowing.

    Have a Happy New Year and great 2013.




  7. We just got bakc from the OR Coast, and while we were there watching the waves I thought of you....didn't find any mermaid tears though. Hope 2013 is a better year for you, Pat; I was so sorry to read of your MIL's passing. Losing a loved one is difficult, and especially so at the holidays. So, big hugs from the PNW; your little CQ doll still is hanging in our garden window, and our oldest GS still talks about your famous snowman soup! Happy New Year!!!

  8. Hi Pat!!! Haven't visited you in sooooo long! Your lace pages are absolutely fabulous! I am sorry for the loss of your mother-in-law. I am sure it put a cloud over Christmas but I am glad you were still able to enjoy the holiday. Happy New Year my friend!

  9. Oh gosh Pat this little book is so "You" as Freda says - it is adorable. Jan will be totally amazed at what you have created for her using such beautiful pieces of Vintage laces, trims, ribbon work with such sweet cards and poems! It has all come together so beautifully!
    Looks like your Christmas was a little subdued but that is life! Nothing at all wrong with a quiet family Christmas - that's how we do it anyway!

    My mag is here and I absolutely love how you have arranged all the pages so beautifully - please pop over to my blog and have a look!

    Hope you can leave this year behind and look forward to a better one where you can create with joy in your heart and peace in your mind!

    Look forward to your continued friendship,
    Much appreciation for everything.

    Warm hugs,

  10. Wish I could sit and watch you work! I love your art!

    I hope you are considering joining in the 2013 Crazy Quilts Are Quilts Too Show on my blog! :)


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