Monday, November 05, 2012

Houston Hoopla!

I had an amazing time in Houston. I scratched the Houston International Quilt Festival off my bucket list. I must say, if you have been to the Chicago IQF and wanted to go to the one in Houston, it is closely the same. I went on the first day, Thursday, and it wasn't very crowded like it is in Chicago. I did see a few more booths there, but they didn't relate to the quilting world so I wasn't sure why they were there. They also had several finished jewelry booths instead of just offering beads and such. We made our way through the isles on the first day so we decided to just do shopping around Houston, Fabrics, beads, clothes and antiques. It was soooooooo fun to hang with these gals.  So all in all, the Houston show was pretty much the same as the Chicago IQF and I'm happy to know the IQF will return to Chicago in 2013.

Upon our arrival Cathy and Liz and Karrin picked us up at the airport and we went to have a quick bite to eat. Here we are in the restaurant posing for Cathy with our Boho bags.(left to right) Liz,me,Dawn,Karrin.

We then went to the quilt show and Liz got us in a quicker way :-) Thank you Liz. Here is my first view of the quilt show from above...................
More photos will be in the December issue of Crazy Quilt magazine :-) (sorry)

We shopped, we dined, we had a party by the pool under the stars with wine and brie and great conversation, we shopped some more, ate some more, and repeated the later two throughout our stay. The company was awesome and so much fun and the shopping was wonderful! I couldn't have asked for a better trip. Thank you Dawn, Liz, Cathy and Karrin.


  1. Pat -- really appreciate reading your report on Houston -- I have attended the quilt festival in Chicago for many years (until they moved to Cincinnati) -- and was happy to hear a while ago that they are coming back to Chicago next June -- but always wondered what I was missing by never attending the one in Houston -- your words make me feel I haven't missed anything.

  2. I have always wanted to go to the International Quilt Show... but what I would really like to go to more than anything is quilt market the week before. lol

  3. Oooooh, I feel dizzy, soooo fine works ! These are too far away, it would be lovely to see them really.

  4. Oh thank you Pat for sharing about your adventure. You beautiful gals with your boho bags, I love it. Glad you are home safe and sound. xoxo

  5. It was soooooo much fun, Dahlink!!!
    What a fun group of girls to play with! It was delightful finally meeting the fabulous Pat Winter in person, along with your cute running buddy, Dawn and sweet Karrin. I must admit the company, shopping, and eating were more fun than the show. Cathy and I talked about how all the wonderful quilt show "oldies" from way-back-when with embellishments, vintage lace and trims have slowly been replaced by new finished jewelry booths and the like. I'm with you ... what do they have to do with quilting? Nonetheless, we had a blast!

  6. What a heaven sent trip! Your bags are just amazing. I'll bet you 4 were the hit of the show, just walking around with those gorgeous quilted bags.

  7. I want to go!! When is Chicago?The bags are great.


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