Thursday, November 08, 2012

Houston continued.........

You didn't think that I was finished sharing my Houston trip did you? I just had some family issues to deal with the past few days so now I can blog and work on the magazine in peace (I hope.)
My tradition of making a new bag to carry to each quilt show was carried on as I took the last two days before my trip to create. I gathered this....
 ........and made this!
 Anyway......back to Houston~ I hope I didn't sound negative about the quilt show. It was great and if you get a chance to go to either Chicago or Houston, you should gather a few friends and go. You never know what you may find. I think meeting Liz, Cathy and Karrin just over powered the quilt show. Meeting online friends is much more fun than shopping to me. We could have been going to a drag race for all I cared. Here we are after just meeting. Having breakfast just before the quilt show.
So after the show closed around 7pm we went to a restaurant named "PAPPAS" which served BBQ. A few of us ordered the stuffed potato which seemed to be filled with an entire side of BBQ beef! It was big!!! With all the walking we did, I don't think we had to worry about caloric intake,LOL.
It looks like Cathy was sharing a captivating story...........
The next morning Cathy and Liz picked us up and we headed to some thrift shops. Each morning we found a cold bottle of water in front of our seats. What service! The weather was balmy and very welcome since here in Indiana our cold weather has arrived.

I had the girls pose before shopping. I don't think I would have been smiling :-)
 The resale shops were awesome. We found so many designer cute clothes for a fraction of the cost. Dawn really made a haul since many of them were her size. We chose not to speak to her after that. (just kidding)
We all found gorgeous vests and purses. Liz captured us in our finest clothing choices. I thought we were going to get kicked out by our constant giggling.
We hit a few bead shops but I didn't see anything I couldn't get at home so I just browsed. I did find some fabric at Universal Fabric Center. Dawn found some goodies in a bin.
We stopped for a bite to eat at BRASIL.
  I had my first taste of Brie served with apricot and raisins with a sprinkle of almonds.
 It was delicious so I ordered two more orders for our evening at the pool. 

Liz knows how to refresh on a hot and humid day!!!!!! Cheers!
 Afterward Liz was telling us something about seeing a huge mirrored Armadillo....sure liz....
Oh! I guess it wasn't the beer talking after all :-)
 Needless to say, after snacking on our leftovers from lunch, three bottles of wine and dark chocolate with almond bits, I slept very soundly that night.

The next morning we headed to, "High Fashion" Fabrics. Two huge fabric stores across the street from each other. One for home decorating and one for clothing and quilting. We went into the home store first. Three levels of shopping!!!! As we stepped in the door we all gravitated toward the clothing shop filled with adorable selections. We shamed ourselves for buying a few pieces when we were there to buy fabric. The clothes were just too tempting. I even found a couple of pretty lacy shirts I couldn't resist.
I was excited to find some fabric for a Boho bag to match one of my new blouses.
 Posing isn't my strong point,LOL. Thanks Cathy!
They had a wonderful selection of fringes and trims for Boho bags.
We ran across the street to the Fashion Fabric and our jaws dropped. We were greeted by rows upon rows of the fanciest beaded, sequin and embroidered fabrics. A-Mazing!
We hit a few antique shops which were very interesting. I could have bought a few things if I lived nearby however shipping them home could have been an option I didn't consider....but I really have no room for furniture :-(
 The whole adventure was the best trip ever. Meeting sweet women I have know for several years online and traveling with my bud Dawn...all I can say is.......I love Houston!


  1. Anonymous8:08 AM CST

    I expect your next trip back I hope to meet up with you. Sorry I didn't know you were in town. Next trip also go to "Old Town Spring" Just North of Houston. You girls would have loved it!And also next trip remember you always have a place to stay. Love ya,Vicki (Moore)Staton

  2. It looks like you're having a great times.. only women can do that with such joy and companionship... Gerry Krueger

  3. Thanks for sharing Houston with us and your fabulous forays. Your bag is absolutely stunning too of course.

    It was so nice of you to think of us all - I almost felt that I was with you all - instead of being here, on a freezing cold and dark day

  4. Thanks for showing all the fun to be had in Houston. One day I will get there I,m sure although Chicago sounds tempting too. It's been a real treat to be shown around and to be out shopping with you.
    It's cold and dark here too, Winter is just around the corner.

  5. It sounds like you had an awesome time Pat! And all that great shopping! Thanks for sharing so many photos! Hugs, Pam

  6. Oh how fun Pat, I knew you had more pics, justhad to. You are a picture taking gal and the story to go with them are wonderful. the fabirc stores sound to die for. It is a good job I didn't get to go I would have went wild, well if you would have let me have my credit card. LOL thanks for posting more on your trip and getting to meet some great ladies.

  7. how green with envy I am you had the most wonderful few days whilst I am passing the time in boring Leeds, raining and cold, never mind I do have the knitting and stitching show to look forward to in two weeks what fun it would be to share it with some blogging friends but do ot think anyone I know is going..

  8. Oh, what a great time...and I got to be there!!! The company was amazing! Thanks for the pictorial down Sweet Memory Lane. Where do we go next??!
    ((Hugs)), Liz

  9. Just catching up on some blogs and couldn't resist commenting how all those gorgeous shops with trims etc. on your recent Houston trip.
    Aahh so many wonderful treasures all in the one place - you lucky girls!
    Hope all is going well on your Winter magazine preparations Pat!
    Thinking of you,

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