Monday, November 26, 2012

Home time

It has been a while since I blogged, thank you for checking in, I am doing fine. DH takes half of Nov and the month of Dec off each year so we are knee deep in replacing the sink and shower in the guest bath. The sink is in and I love it! DH ran to pick up more supplies then he will begin the shower demolition...yikes! Oh yeah, he is also adding shelves in the pantry and removing the cabinets so I can organize more efficiently. I ran to Marshall's yesterday for some large vintage jars for flour, sugar and such. I was happy to find them still there. I can't wait to decorate organize the shelves with lining paper and some type of hanging edging...lace? Paper lace? Not sure yet. So, that is what I am up to. The magazine will be ready in a day or two. I will have the link on the left side bar of my blog. Tisha's Needle Art Studio will also have them in stock so you can phone her at 810-678-8191 to get one and she also has the back orders and the 2013 calendar. It helps to save postage when possible, especially around the holidays.

I had a fun get together in the studio with two previous students/friends from WI a couple weeks ago. I enjoyed seeing their new creations and stash. We went to Michael's and found some goodies then they treated me to dinner. We each had a delicious mango drink and loved it. It was so much we couldn't finish them but they sure were good and you couldn't taste any alcohol. My kind of drink! Thank you Ryne and Bev!!!!

I spent a day pampering mom with a manicure and pedicure. She almost fell asleep. I took lunch and latte's over and spent about five hours working on her, LOL. While she soaked, I straightened up a bit. I noticed she didn't have a cozy blanket on her bed so the next day I ran out and bought a plush comforter to layer under her new bed quilt. It looked so cozy I just wanted to crawl in and take a nap. I don't know why she never treats herself to a comforts. I guess I will take on that task. I think that is what daughters are for, don't you? I mean after all, mother's have given us all the luxuries and comforts they could when we were young, it should be pay back time when we grow older and realize how lucky we are. I enjoy it, especially seeing how much she enjoys it.

Ed and Megan came by for Thanksgiving and I sent them home with leftovers. DS loves his turkey sandwiches. Megan and I don't care much for turkey but its nice to have free time as the guys can snack on post Thanksgiving munchies. Megan graduates in December. Any good gift ideas? I have Christmas and her birthday covered, it is in Jan.

I have been adding some things to my etsy shop and will be making a few things for it next week. I will be adding some kits and silk ribbon too. That will keep me busy for a while :-)

Well, I had better get some things gathered for a project. hope to share more soon. Keep warm!


  1. Wow, sounds like you are super busy! But, after all is said and'll have a great space for your efforts!

  2. How exciting a new set of shelves to organize aka decorate. I have seen the paper lace and it is pretty and then you can change it when you want to easily. I am so proud of you for being such a good daughter a true blessing for you both. Love the piece you just posted also. Hugs and take care and give DH an extra turkey sandwich so he has strength to redo the shower. xo

  3. I love reworking things.. Hope you are having fun! I have been on a 16 day road trip and got back this afternoon... so glad to be home!!

  4. You sound busy as a bee! I can't wait to re-decorate some of my rooms and I still need to remodel my mudroom. I have to wait awhile yet though.


  5. What fun! And such a great treat for your mother - you are absolutely right about needing to provide a bit of the luxury they shared for so many years. I hope your redecorating is smooth sailing!


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