Thursday, October 25, 2012

Enjoying the mild weather

Tuesday morning I had many early errands to run to make it back in time to sign for a registered letter. I had missed the mail lady because I was working at mom's yesterday. So I was on my way to town when I found myself heading toward the lake. I didn't have time for a walk but I headed to the shore anyway. It was a gloomy but mild morning and I was drawn to be by the water.

I walked as I sent a text to my bud Dawn and she assured me I needed to be where I was even though I felt guilty for enjoying a bit of time to myself. What a crazy thought, even I knew I deserved some "me" time after the past three weeks of knocking myself out.Once I was standing at the waters edge I immediately felt stress slip away into the water as my soul and mind cleansed itself. I began walking and breathing in fresh air as I felt stronger with each step. I came upon a little fish that must have taken on too much and lay on the pebbles all alone. It wasn't a place for a fish to be so I moved him into the water with my shoe knowing he would most likely wash up again and be a meal for the shore birds.

 I continued on and found some mermaid tears here and there. I could have stayed there all morning but I was content just following my muse and stopping for a moment. Trust me, it was hard to not scour through all of these pebbles...........

and these pebbles .....
 holding treasures, but I really needed to go about the days tasks. This was my morning findings.

 I went to the bank, gassed up my car and stopped at the drug store before shopping for groceries and made it home seven after ten. The mail lady runs anywhere from 10 to 3 so I had to stay home pretty much all day waiting for her. Well, the mail was delivered at 1:00 but she didn't have my registered letter so I called the post office and sure enough, it was still there. Argh! I could have spent more time at the beach if I had known. I had DH stop by to pick it up since he had to meet a tenant. The registered parcel ended up being four rusty thimbles from Jordan I had ordered for the Heart Strings necklaces. Geez oh Pete! Oh well, live and learn I guess.

So yesterday I woke up with nothing on my plate so I returned to the beach for a slow stroll. The sun was shining and it was supposed to be close to 80 degrees. What a different view from yesterday.

 I felt like I was a teenager skipping school as I made my way to the west end of the beach which is my favorite area. I was tempted to call mom and tell her to get dressed but I just kept walking thinking she would decline and I would feel disappointed so I just continued enjoying this gorgeous day. I checked my phone and there was a message from my friend Leslie TH of MI with this photo.
 She was strolling along  her beach yesterday and took this photo of a piece of charred paper. Magical isn't it? "tumn is here" and the leaves and heart shaped stone above it. I may print that and frame it.

After about 45 minutes a man stopped in front of me and held out his hand asking if I was having any luck. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my findings. He looked over my treasures and nodded with approval saying he drills holes in the small ones for earrings. I told him I just put mine in big jars by a window. We parted and I thought how nice it is to know others share in the hunt for mermaid tears (sea glass) with such enjoyment.
 I walked pretty far and must have been deep in thought when I looked around wondering where the music was coming for before realizing it was my phone. I dug it out of my other pocket and saw it was DH. He wanted to know if I was up for a bike ride after work. Duh! Yes! I walked a bit more then turned to head back when I found a neat old rusty cup-like object. I put it in my stash and continued not having a clue as to what I will do with it.  Half way back I met a Lithuanian couple. They were very friendly and greeted me with a smile. The woman commented on the lovely weather and I agreed. She went on telling me how she has allergies and when she walks along the shore she is cleared up all day. I told her it is beneficial in many ways, biting my lip trying not to tell her about the connection I have with cobalt blue glass and my dad. To some that may be a weird thing. I felt refreshed as I made my way back up the dune, sandy feet and cleared mind.
This was the bounty for the day.

  I stopped at the post office in Beverly Shores before heading home. I mailed my letter and the cashier gave me a nickle back and she started laughing when she said "Nickleback," like the band and we chatted about favorite bands for a moment.
 Yes, it was a perfect day for a bike ride. I cleaned up a bit, did a quick French braid, grabbed my phone and lip balm and went to the front porch swing to read and wait for DH to arrive. Eventually I ended up laying on the swing with one foot on the railing to push off. I felt so lazy and so peaceful. It was blissful.

DH came home a little early and said "Let's go!" so I rolled up my sleeves, put on my sunglasses and slipped onto the back of the bike like a dog waiting for a ride in a car with the window down. It had been a long time since we just took a fun ride. When I saw we were heading toward MI I was even more delighted. We pulled into our son's apartment complex 5 minutes before he was leaving for work. Just enough time to give him another birthday hug. He was surprised and glad to see us. Megan wasn't home, her mom had come for a visit so she must have been in town shopping or having lunch. We followed DS to the main road and went opposite directions. Even a super short visit is fulfilling when it comes to your kids.
We headed toward home and stopped at the Hacienda near Long Beach for a bite. It was the most pleasant ride and I didn't want it to end. Today is supposed to be the same so I will be stitching on the porch swing. It is almost daylight so off I will go to get dressed and begin another lovely day of bliss.
I hope you enjoy your day thoroughly.


  1. OH Pat how relaxing it is to read your blog it is like we are there with you enjoying the walks on the beach. You know a while back at Michaels I bought some mermaid tears, probably plastic but were all blue and put in a jar and thinking it would be better to have real ones. Me time is so important for ones health I do believe and so glad you took the time to get some me time. Hugs and love reading your blog. xoxo

  2. This is such a beautiful uplifting post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, it made me smile happily throughout.

  3. Yes we are having a wonderful Indian Summer here in Michigan. Enjoyed hearing all about how you spent it!

  4. I always enjoy your Lake Michigan photos, Pat, as they remind me of growing up in WI, not far from the lake.

  5. Thanks Pat! I needed to read your posts. Our weather has turned cold and rainy. What I would give for just one more warm day.

  6. Dear Pat, this was such a beautiful blog to read and really made wish I was walking along a sandy shore also. I wish you many days of taking a quiet moment for yourself, have a wonderful week, Maureen

  7. kudos! I just received the new magazine and 2013 calendar from MagCloud ... Job well done ; )


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