Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Catching my breath.......the 2013 Crazy Quilt Calendar has just been released. You can review and purchase here.
I have been busier than the squirrels in my back yard gathering hickory nuts! I actually envy them as I catch a glimpse of them sitting in the sun as I am running to and from my car these days. It has been so busy around here but I just keep reminding myself that the Houston Quilt Festival is not too far off and soon I will be on a plane with my bud Dawn watching Chicago disappear under the clouds.
Mom's bedroom is looking much more relaxing now with the new soft pink paint, new comforter and sheet set and some major tossing and organizing. I have one more day and I can declare it finished!

I took Saturday off to take mom to the quilt show in St. Joe. It was a rainy day but as usual, we made our own sunshine. The quilts were so beautiful and there were two crazy quilts but I can't share them because I forgot to get permission so I will have to enjoy them for you :-)
Sweet Leslie TH, (one of my Michigan Leslie',) made this beautiful Batik quilt for a fund raiser for her dear friend. She made a matching lap quilt to keep her friend wrapped in love and warmth through treatments which I can imagine was quite uplifting to be wrapped in friendship. I'm happy to share the news that her friend is doing well and the quilt raised $10k!!!
Whooo  Hooo!!!! Way to go Leslie!

I am horrible about remembering names however in this photo Leslie is tucked between two friends spreading sunshine with her smile. She is always cheerful and you can't help but start smiling and feeling good when she is around.
 It was a nice show and I found a sweet handmade basket and strawberry pin cushion for my studio made by another friend of Leslie's. Looking at the beautiful fabrics tempted me to start a Traditional quilt. I could kick myself for not getting a photo of a group of quilts made with silk dupioni. They were gorgeous with the soft sheen only silk can provide.

After the show we headed to Panerra Bread for lunch. We dined on broccoli soup and refreshing iced green tea. It was great to be able to take mom on a little outing. Soon the snow and ice will be here and she won't be getting out much. She has a tremendous fear of falling.

With all of the work I have been doing I just haven't had time to stitch but I will get back to it by the weekend. I also must come up with costumes for the two of us for a Halloween party in two weeks. Any ideas? It will be indoors so anything can work.

I'm off to finish at mom's today. The sun is out and it looks to be a great day here, I hope it is where you are too!


  1. Oh so glad to hear about the quilt show and the one that made 10K oh I know she was proud that it made that much for her friend. It is beautiful. Painting and sorting is work but sometimes it just refreshes the soul at least for me it does. Getting rid of things no longer used and fresh paint just does it all. Thanks for a great post and I know more to come, now finish your doings so you can do your beautiful sewing. xoxoxo

  2. Hi Pat! Wonderful that your friend was able to raise that much $$, what a blessing. You will be back to stitching before long, tell Tisha Hi and Hugs and I will begetting to her soon for a phone order, little bit at a time!
    Enjoy the upcoming quilt show, I bet it is fab!
    I just finished making my youngest Granddaughter a darling Clown costume for Halloween, rick rack stripes on one half and big cupcakes with candy on the other half, just darling fabric!
    Hugs Marilou

  3. Yay - just ordered my calendar (and have a spot on the wall already reserved for it). I'll have a whole year of eye candy to admire!

  4. The fundraiser quilt is gorgeous, so colourful and uplifting, its just fabulous that it raised so much money.

  5. The old saying "there is strength in numbers" is so true! Quilters, when they come together, they can really do things over-the-the-top! 10K is amazing!!

    I am off to go order my calendar and one for a friend! :)


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