Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beautiful day!

DS and his gal Megan came to town yesterday and DS surprised me. He dropped Megan off at her parent's to help prepare for today's annual "Beaner" party. I made brownies from a sweet student, Donna, that shared her sister's recipe with me and it is THE best brownies I've ever had. Anyway, it was nice to sit and chat with DS and we went ahead and gave him his birthday gifts since he will be working nights on the 23rd.
This morning I had the unstoppable urge to work outside in the yard and garden. It has been windy and rainy for so long, and on the nice days I was stuck inside working so I tossed on my garden rags and headed out into the sunshine. It was cool and refreshing. I began dead heading some plants and before long DH was bringing me the lawn cart. I jump into things sometimes without proper preparation, and it was nice to have the cart beside me as I cut away the season's growth. I left the plants that were still blooming although I know I will be sorry later. I just couldn't remove the final color.
I spent a few hours outside and decided I had better get cleaned up but took this time to rest a moment and do a quick blog. I had to change the comments so you have to do one of those pesty word recognition things because I have been getting too many promotion posts.
I have been creating more Heart Strings necklaces, they are fun.

I've only taken about five stitches the past few weeks but that is about to change. The front porch is cleaned and the wisteria is tired up so I will be sitting out on the porch swing with some nice warm spiced cider and my project next week stitching away while thinking how soon it is until the Houston Quilt Fest ......................11 days today!
Have a wonderful day!

***Time to get your photos and/or tutorials in for the Dec issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings!***


  1. Lovely to catch up with your son again!
    I can't believe how quickly you can create those heart strings - you amaze me Pat!
    xox Suzy

  2. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me. I can just 'see' relaxing on your porch - hope the weather is nice enough for it next week

  3. Oh you do like I do Pat, start an outside project then my DH comes to the rescue also. I hate to cut the blooms off as I did a pile of the bouganvillas but had to give them a winter haircut before storing them. Your heart strings are great and I know you will get to stitching as soon as cold weather gets here. xoxox


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