Tuesday, September 11, 2012

 Saturday was spent viewing Diane Cook's Artful Gathering video, "Heart Strings." When I first saw it months ago I new I just had to make one so she sent me a DVD of her class and I watched and took notes then crept into my studio to play. I had been gathering the supplies for a week and could hardly wait to get started. I figured I would get to it in October however, I couldn't wait any longer. I learned techniques, and although I need more practice on a few, I think it turned out fine and I love it. I wore it all weekend.

 I added a bottle of vintage pearls from a dear friend to represent my grandmother, Pearl.

My little book was titled, " Winter Rose."

  Sunday morning I went to the beach with Jilly. It was a perfect morning for it, cool and sunny. It was beautiful. There were waves crashing to shore uncovering many treasures.
 The shore birds looked so funny just standing and staring at the water. They didn't move, just stared at the waves.

 We both found quite a bit of goodies. Although the cobalt blue one wasn't as smooth as the others, and still had a shine, I nabbed it. I couldn't believe I found a red piece too.

 After the beach I went to help Jilly on a large CQ project. We spent the entire day on it and hopefully one day it will be revealed to all,, but for now, it is under wraps.

I went grocery shopping early this morning and came home to mow and deadhead the garden. I love the cool weather with plenty of sunshine. I noticed the black walnuts are ready to harvest. I ran over hundreds while mowing the coral. My brother gathers them and throughout the winter he shells them and he gives me a jar to make brownies or fudge. You can't beat a fresh black walnut.  Tomorrow I'm going to play in the studio with Laney. Who knows what we shall create!
My break is over, back to the garden for me. Enjoy your day!


  1. Could you take a picture of the large jar/jars that you keep your beach finds in? Friends once collected match's and had an enormous, nearly room size glass jar to show off his finds. It was amazing. I am sure you have special places to show yours off. You couldn't keep them hidden! :)

  2. Pat, Your "heat strings" is beautiful. Very different than any I saw on AG. Enjoy your day. The cooler weather is soooo nice. My garden needs a little work too. All the best!

  3. Pat . I love your heart strings
    It's so Heart Felt!
    What a blessing to live by a beach.
    Hugs, kay

  4. I so agree about the black walnuts; I love them but they are near impossible to find. The beach looked wonderful...wish I could walk it with you...but you'll just have to get some extra sand between your toes for me too!

  5. A red one? oh what a find you have there I would think. Love your heart string also, well always enjoy your blog. Just light and fun. Have fun with the CQ I am so enjoying it and can't wait to finish one project to start another. think it is in my blood? xoxoxo

  6. LOVE the heart strings. Beautiful!!1

  7. Beautiful Pat, that class looked like fun too. Your Heartstrings looks like you and reflects your gentle spirit. Love your beach treasures. Hope you got your email and sending you Big Hugs xoxo Marilou

  8. What a lovely job you have done of these Heart Strings Pat and they are in all your favourite colours too (of course!). Did you dye your own ribbons? I loved the way mine came out too and now, having just received my DVDs from Diane I can now proceed hopefully before too long with my next ones.
    I am so pleased that I joined the class!
    The possibilities are endless!
    Big hugs,

  9. The heart stringa are just gorgeous. What a fabulous time you had too at the beach , in the garden, and CQ'ing too. Sounds just perfect

  10. Hi Pat...I adore the Heart Strings ! What a lovely idea to attach a vial of Pearls, making it so much more special. ;)

  11. I looked at Diane Cook's blog to see if she sold the DVD for the Heartstrings necklace. I could't find one. Do you know how to get instructions by any chance? I love them.


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