Friday, September 21, 2012

Stuff and New York part two

I know I promised to continue my post on my recent New York trip however I've been busy stitching a quick project for a dear friend who is returning to her winter home in AZ. I met Jan and her DH, Jim, yesterday morning because she wanted to give me birthday gifts in person because she wouldn't be here at the end of the month plus we both needed a hug. Well, I surprised her too. Last week her sister sent me a photo of her as a baby as a joke but it was so adorable that I had to use it in a project. I thought for the longest time of what to make her and decided to make an ipad case that could also be a small tote because she was thinking of getting one. When I was visiting her I was working on mine and she liked the colors so I used them adding some dusty rose to go with her cheeks. I whipped it up in two days.The photo of her was very easy to work with as you can see.
 I also took a quick trip to the beach and found some goodies. The shore was perfect for picking treasures but there were several people there so I just took a short jaunt down the shore to refresh my mind.
 This was my reward.  Two more blue pieces!!!!!!

 So....back to New York......I still can't believe I met Terri. For those of you who know her online, she is sweeter in person. Very real, funny, and has a great personality. No facade for that gal. Although we only stopped at a few shops, there are tons of them in one area of the fashion district, so plan on a few days at least just for that.
After we tore ourselves away from Tinsel Trading we were on our way to eat which I had forgotten we needed to do from all the excitement, we stopped at M&J Trimming. I don't know what to say except take a brown bag to hyperventilate into or you will faint. Walls upon walls of any trim you could imagine. We only saw a tiny area as it was crowded and just too overwhelming after Tinsel Trading. We did select a few items and I asked this super nice guy, Julio0 Lopez, if I could get a photo of him and the trims. We had him up and down the ladder several times, but nothing compared to the times he will be climbing on our return trip. Thank you Julio!  A must see if in NY for sure!!!!
 Back on the street to find a pizza joint. Love this picture of Dawn and Terri meandering down the sidewalk thinking I am behind them. We also stopped at CityBead which is a wonderful bead shop. I found some leaf and flower beads I have been looking for and are hard to find...yeah!!!!
 As a first timer in the city I had to get some pictures of the buildings.
  I don't care what they say about New yorkers, they are very friendly and helpful. If they see you are puzzled, they walk right up and ask if you need directions. We had young, old, men and women ask us throughout our journey. It was refreshing for both of us to know there are people who still take time to offer help.
We found the pizza place Dawn had eaten at before and sat down to refresh our bodies because our minds had no hope, we were dazed at the offerings we had just seen, not being able to absorb it all in one take. I saw a Bud sign and decided I would have one as I was so thirsty and didn't want any more water or anything sweet. It was the best tasting refreshment I could imagine at the time. Of course the second drink wasn't as good, or the third, fourth.... I'm not a beer drinker but I do like an ice cold Bud once in a while. My dad would let us take a sip of his when we were little and it just stuck with me. I do keep a bottle in my pantry for when the urge strikes, usually after a hot day of gardening if I remember to chill it that is. I know I look like a red faced alcoholic in these photos, but the gals can vouch for me, it was a hot day and I didn't finish the bottle. Besides, Terri is drinking wine....:-)

When we stumbled I mean walked out of the pizza place we were ready to continue our tour of the city via Terri. We made our way to Central Park where Terri treated us to a carriage ride. It was magical sitting with two sweet friends in a beautiful horse drawn carriage as Terri described the area and history to us while listening to the clopping of the hooves.
 It had cooled down and was a perfect night to wander the city however I knew I would soon have to say goodbye to Terri and I didn't want the night to end. By the way, the name of the horse was "Lucky," which was my dad's nickname given to him by his war buddies.
We hugged and went our separate ways. I didn't want Terri to be walking around town alone but she assured me she does it often with no problems. Dawn and I headed toward the subway but stopped at Magnolia Bakery to take some treats back to the hotel to sample.
 It was crowded but we made our purchase of a lemon cupcake, red velvet cupcake and pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust and headed back. We were really too tired to eat them but sampled all of them and voted that the cheesecake was the winner before tossing out the rest and nodding off to sleep.

Before we went to sleep we decided since the train wasn't running into the city we would just try for an earlier flight. We hated to leave, but didn't want to get into the city and not find a way back to catch our flight and besides, I met Terri and shopped at Tinsel trading and met Marcia Ceppos, what more could I ask for? It was an amazing trip to NY and so memorable that I won't ever forget it even if I live to be 100.
Goodbye New York!

 Thank you Dawn and Terri for making my first NY visit a fun adventure! Thank you Marcia for offering us (the world) your magnificent store. Thank you New York for accepting this country girl with open arms.Thank you Budweiser for bringing back sweet memories and quenching my thirst on a hot September day in New York!!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow Pat what an amazing opportunity to meet up with
    Terri in N.Y. and visiting Tinsel Trading would have been quite mind blowing - I hope you spent up big!
    What a fabulous site also - thanks for sharing all of this with us.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Hugs to you from sunny downunder,

  2. What a stunning bag you made - and thank you so much for sharing your fabulous time in NY - brilliant photos - it was like being there myself

  3. Renée S6:26 PM CDT

    The bag is simply gorgeous. What I love the most about it is that little sentiment in the upper left-hand corner "Know that you are loved". How very special that makes it!

  4. Renée S.6:28 PM CDT

    Oops, guess it says, "Know in your heart that you are loved."

  5. hey Pat ..I'm trying to get your latest mag and the MacCloud is not working for me ... Could you email me ... Thanks

  6. Zaa go the top of Pat's page here and I just gave you a link in our blog xox

  7. Hi pat the purse is beautiful as the colors are. You are gong to convert me yet to the pretty soft colors they just look so yummy. Thanks for sharing your trip with us and I would spend two months or more spending money at that trim shop even though I am trying not to buy anythign except of what I need. LOL Hugs and glad you are back. xox

  8. Sounds absolutely wonderful.


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