Friday, September 28, 2012

Sewing and strolling the beach

Yesterday morning I did manage to piece a project to work on while in the dentist sitting room. I decided to make a CQ cover for my project case that I take with me because it holds everything I need and more. It is a quilter's case I bought for my mother in law several years ago. She doesn't attend her quilting group anymore so she gave it back to me. I love everything about it except the color, not that the blue is bad, it just doesn't excite or inspire me at all. So.....why not cover it?
 I recently purchased some beautiful images from the Papergoddess etsy shop. I chose one of them for my focal point. Pink and light green were the colors I wanted to use. I gathered some fabrics and a few embellishments .................

 then pieced the top of the case.
I didn't get much accomplished but it is a start. Tomorrow I plan on sitting on the front porch swing and embellishing all day.

Last night dawn called and we decided to run to the beach this morning. It was cool but nice when we arrived. Nice waves coming in unveiling mermaid tears all along the shore.
 We began strolling along when I said,"Wouldn't it be neat to find a big green one?" and just as the words left my lips Dawn was gasping and bending over near the edge of the water.
  I couldn't believe it but she found a big green piece. It was really funny how that happened. She gave it to me because it was just too weird of a happening....maybe you had to be there. Anyway we continued down the shore chatting and finding treasures. We both spotted this red one at the same time but I wanted Dawn to have it. I was just happy to see a red one.
  The waves were beautiful rolling in. Watching waves is like getting a massage, so relaxing.

We went through all of the fine pebbles you see and found quite a lot of treasures. Mine are still in the kitchen waiting to be photographed because when I got home I grabbed my big Red Delicious apple Dawn gave me and a bottle of water and jumped on the lawn mower. Dawn and her DH, Don went to an apple orchard in MI a few days ago and bought some fresh apples and let me tell you, they are so good!!!! I think I need to take a trip up there soon. The apples I've been getting at the supermarket are tasteless and just not at all like a fresh Michigan apple.

Well, that is all I've been up to the last two days. As I progress on my case, I will share. I am slowly working on getting things in my etsy shop. I added a few things so it wasn't so bare but I really need to work on it....and I will. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Pat, I live by the shores of Lake Huron, and I've never been able to find Mermaids Tears. Maybe I'm hitting the wrong beach, there's so many.
    I'm anxious to see how you embellish the case, I've been losing my inspiration and would love to get it back.

  2. That is such a great idea recovering that patchwork carry bag and I know it will be in the true "Pat" crazy patchwork style embellished so beautifully.
    Have a lovely Birthday too Pat!!
    Hugs from my beautiful Spring garden downunder,

  3. It's lovely to see your beach Pat, makes me think that I'm due a walk by the sea.
    A day embellishing sounds delightful!!

  4. Hi Pat,

    What a fabulous idea! I have the exact case which I use to carry all my CQ whenever I go away. I'd certainly love to dress it up a bit one of these days.

    I've been MIA for a bit but have just spent the morning cruising Blogs - I finally got caught up with yours. You have been one busy lady - and OMG! That trip to NYC with Terri must have been like a dream come true- looks like you all had a wonderful time. I've been wanting to spend a couple days in the NY Fabric District so am making it a goal for sometime next spring. Hopefully, I'll be meeting up with Terri before the end of the year in RI or CT.

    Sending Happy Brithday wishes to you a day early - enjoy your day and may the year ahead be your best yet!



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