Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New York Part one

I think I'm mostly recovered from my trip to New York with my dear pal Dawn Crowder. It was a quick trip and fast paced so perhaps it was only a dream???
Before I left I made a Heart Strings necklace for both of my dear friends. The Aqua is for Dawn, my beach walking bud........
 .....and the purple for Terri Takacs, my sweet online friend who I am about to meet for the first time.
Goodbye Chicago....

 We arrived at Laguardia Friday morning with only the clothes on our backs and a big purse with essentials. It is the best way to travel in my opinion :-)
We threw our essentials on the beds at the hotel and flew out the door to begin our journey to meet Terri at Tinsel Trading overflowing with excitement and anticipation. My first ride on a city bus and a subway was an experience I am glad to say I don't have to do every day however I am glad I did get to do it. Again, having my intrepid pal Dawn by my side actually made it more fun than scary.

Somewhere along the way I inhaled dust that I could not get rid of. You know that pesty microscopic bit that feels like it is in your lung and you can't inhale without coughing? Well, I tried water,gum,mints and coughing my head off all the way to Tinsel Trading until I worked up a sweat and my hair was, well, melted so I had the pleasure of meeting Terri drenched and red faced. It was glorious (not) and not the way I planned our first meeting would be. Naturally Terri was the wonderful woman I had known through the years of online correspondence and she grabbed me and hugged me, sweat and all. We must have hugged 6 or 7 times because we couldn't believe we finally met. I must say she was exactly who I thought she would be only more beautiful and her eyes , well, they are amazingly gorgeous. We walked in Tinsel Trading and Dawn and I gasped and stood in amazement at the offerings before us. We then scattered like mice to explore drawers and examine trims. The staff was the most courteous, helpful ladies we had ever encountered and Gabrielle A, in the black dress, gave us a tour so we wouldn't miss a treasure.
I took some photos of the gals enjoying themselves. It was overwhelming for sure. So many unusual items in one place was awesome. Dawn gathering special trinkets from long ago.
 Terri, too tempted by the treasures joins her.

 Dawn discovers the flower trims....oh dear!
Terri and I take photos of each other acting like children in a candy shop.

I discover these extraordinary trims in a case and begin to drool. I wish I would have gotten just a piece to frame. They are very old and so gorgeous.

 We had the pleasure of meeting Marcia Ceppos, owner of this remarkable emporium of oddities and amazing treasures. Marcia started working at her grandfathers store at age 11. You must read all about the history of Tinsel Trading here.
Marcia was very gracious,welcoming and generous with her time sharing information and laughs with us. I was in awe feeling like I just met a superstar, which she is in the eyes of many crazy quilters. Keeping this "museum" open for us and allowing us to use gems,trims and treasures from the past and present on our crazy quilt items. It truly is a unique shop and a bucket list moment for me.....although I will be returning.
Marcia, Terri and dawn

 We were each in our own world as we inspected every corner of the shop. I found myself daydreaming of how it was back then with loads of imports arriving in crates, opening each one and gasping at the beauty within. I would have loved to have been Marcia at age 11 seeing such delights firsthand. What an awesome experience.
 We gathered our finds and was checked out by the sweet Kate Wnek who was a bit shy but allowed a photo. Can you tell Terri was enjoying herself? Such a cutie!
I wish Marcia continued success and hope all the crazy quilters get a chance to see this shop at least once. It is worth taking any subway,LOL. Please visit the site and I know you will find a must have item or more for your work. Thank you MARCIA!

I will continue our outing tomorrow. It is just too much for one posting and besides, I am in dream mode again and I can't concentrate anymore :-)
Have a great day!


  1. OH Pat what fun, little girls in a candy shop touching everything. Just seeing all the pretties in the photos like awesome. Have more fun today than you can stand. Hugs and happy creating.

  2. If you could see my face it would be green . . . with envy! The next best thing from being there is reading your post and knowing you are having the time of your life! You are one lucky, hip chick! Thanks for sharing the info and the link. Love your necklaces too. Very cool.

  3. Oh I feel like I'm back there! It was surreal, magical .....everything you said and more! I'm so grateful to Dawn for arranging such an amazing encounter!!! I hope to be blogging about it today!

  4. Tinsel Trading is definitely on my bucket list!! What a fabulous trip!! thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Hi Pat, looks like you had a wonderful time with the girls! Oo I would LOVE to visit that place! I can imagine being in there for hours! Your necklaces, especially the colors of the ocean are lovely! Take care.

  6. Yikes, Pat. What an amazing stores. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. I become over whelmed in stores like that. Did you have to hire a U-Haul to get all the stuff home? LOL Your necklaces are beautiful.

  7. Oh my - I can't begin to imagine how exciting being in that store must have been! I just spent a LOT of time looking at their web site and drooling.

  8. You lucky girl getting to meet Terri. I shall probably never get back East.AND Tinsel Trading whoa. Looks like you all had a great time. Have been playing catch up with everyone and see you are having great finds at the beach. You must have tons of sea glass by now. Looks like you have had a good summer too. Take care friend.


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