Friday, September 07, 2012

Let it rain!!!!!

The grass, trees and flowers are sure loving this rain. It is so nice to see green lawns again. Of course we must mow every two days, but I prefer that over growing straw in the front yard,LOL.
This morning was overcast and nice and cool so I walked through the flower gardens and made a mental note of things to do this month. I then sat on the front porch swing until I was high on the scent of the Autumn Clematis, with its strong intoxicating fragrance. It is just amazing to have such a sweet fragrance enveloping me. When I was on the mower yesterday I caught a whiff as I rode by the porch.  Yummo! As you can see, the one on the back deck isn't so shabby either. Almost overbearing to eat outside but tolerable.
The mixed planted pot just keeps on going and has filled the plantation chairs on each side of the Gatherings Studio entrance.
 Grandma's Rose of Sharon trees are really outstanding this year.
 I have been organizing my trims each evening. I am still gathering them from various hiding places. Just like the fabrics, I buy small quantities of trims so I don't use them on everything. It is hard to control the urge to use my favorite stash over and over again. So, I limit the yardage so that can't happen. Although I can never get enough Mokuba, thank goodness it is a bit pricey or I would own a million yards :-)
I have homemade chicken noodles cooking so I better go check on them before they burn and smell up the house. Chicken noodles on a cool rainy day...............


  1. I wish my trim box looked as neat as your does. You must be very organized. I also made a homemade pasta dish this week. Chicken noodles with homemade noodles on a rainy day sounds like heaven.

  2. I just did this over the summer with my fabric! I've been meaning to blog about it.....wrapped them around white cardboard. It's so much more fun to work with things organized!

  3. Hi Pat,
    I love Autumn Clematis. We had one at our former house. It grew like a "weed", but oh so gorgeous. 3 years we have been in this house and we don't have one. Hopefully next year.
    Suprizingly with all the rain we have had this summer the grass stayed green and my garden looks great. Usually in August everything look terrible. I guess rain is a good thing!

  4. All work and no play makes Patricia a happy girl... Love that your riding on the lawn mowers... and getting a little fresh air..Time to relax after all the classwork at the " gathering " ...

    Love autumn blooming clematis.Mine is just budding so can't wait for it to bloom... I really missing all you crazy quilting gals , but I'm so glad to have this blog time to keep in touch... Enjoy your week-end, Dear Lady ... Hugs

  5. Your Clematis is beautiful! I need to get organinzing my trims also just am not sure what the best way would be? Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Hi Pat, oh good a riding mower, I was thinking does that gal use a regular one, we do at times but the riding one saves the day. We have even had a tad of rain, still watering though with the sprinkler system. The rain just makes it greener, or in our head at least it does. The trims look great, old sewing machine drawers possibly? funny how we keep lids on ourselves and our spending isn't it?

    Have a good weekend and organzine away I always feel like it is making our nest all in order so we can create and mess it up.

  7. Hi Pat,

    Always such beautiful photos! And homemade noodles sound good!

    My Nightmare is sick with Kidney Failure. I'm not ready to go through this again but it's in God's hands, not mine. I won't let him suffer. And I know I'll know when it's time.

    Did you get the little package of goodies I sent you? Hope you can use them.

    Hugs, Pam


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