Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good morning!

Cooler weather is moving in. The leaves are starting to turn vibrant reds and golds at the tops of the trees. The squirrels are gathering anything they can get their furry little paws on including the black walnuts I had gathered for my brother. Since he didn't come after them the week before last I turned the cart over for the squirrels out back under the old hickory tree. It has been a free show for me as I sit quietly on the back glider soaking up the autumn sun while watching one after another scurry down from the trees and out from the woods to pick a morsel and high tail it back home. Many of them sit and hull the walnut before carrying since they are quite large, but the anxious (or greedy) ones take the whole thing which is quite comical. They pretty much picked the pile clean with nothing left but some blackened hulls. I can't imagine the bitter taste of the hull is very pleasant but they must know the treasure beneath is worth the puckering. I figure they need the nut meat more than I and it might be a harsh winter the way they have been gathering.

I haven't been stitching so I have nothing to share however I do plan to piece an item this morning to work on during mom's dental appointment this afternoon. If she isn't too numb afterward we may see a movie then grab a bite to eat. She wants to see ,"The House at the end of the street." I packed two new pair of ear plugs just in case,LOL.

Monday I had an appointment to check my knee progress. I was glad to hear the x-ray showed a nice round bone with no signs of stress. To my surprise the Dr. told me I still have the chance of stepping down one day and feeling excruciating pain from it collapsing. I assumed it was strong again and I could resume normal activity but he said I shouldn't run, kneel, walk fast with pounding strides (whoops) or jump. Well, how do you go to New York City and not walk fast with pounding strides? Oh well, it held up but I will be more careful. I guess when it felt tired, that was my sign to take it easy but naturally I ventured on thinking it needed more exercise. I must keep this in mind at the Quilt Fest in Houston coming soon (yeah Dawn, Liz, Karrin, etc...) I don't think we will be dressing like the gals in this photo but we will have fun as we shop till we drop.
 So all in all he said it looked promising and we won't know the outcome for three years which I am thinking more like two years since it has been almost a year already. Yes, I admitted long ago I was not a good patient.

Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with DS's girlfriend Megan. She drove down and we went to the ROSS store in Merrillville. We checked out every item in the store finding many kitchen tools for Megan to play with. She loves baking and they had some must have items at outstanding prices. I found my favorite white bar towels so I was happy :-) Then we stopped for lunch and chatted about everything under the sun before making one more stop before heading home. We both ordered a pizza for the guys so we didn't have to cook after our fun afternoon. My favorite pizza place in town offers a "take & bake" pizza so Megan got that to bake fresh before DS came home from work. He works so late and their schedule is crazy, similar to the one he kept in college. Sleep during the day, stay up all night. I could never survive that but Megan has adapted but of course she is young,LOL. It was so nice to just hang and have some girl time with Megan. I could get used to that :-)

I have been working a lot in the garden. I moved the old rod iron fence sections to the garden entrance off the back deck because it defines the entrance better and I just love to look at them. This is the view from inside the back entrance looking out, not great but you can see the neat old rusty fence.
  I am just having fun cleaning up the garden for winter so I can run out there early spring and watch the magic happen all over again. It has been a hot summer but I have enjoyed the garden so much. There is nothing that compares to working in a garden and having the freedom to move things as you wish and watch the plants come to life and the color pop throughout because you took the time to nurture a little seedling or bury a seed. Truly natures magic in the works.
This weekend I plan on being a lady of leisure (yeah right) and just lay around and play as I wish.

DS & Megan are stopping by on Sunday for my birthday so I want to make some zucchini bread for them to take home. DS loves zucchini bread with raisins and it is my autumn tradition.

Well my friends, the sun is shining and I want to mow and plant some grasses but first I will piece a project and gather supplies before I head outside so....I better get moving. Have a delightful day!


  1. At gramas bedside, happy to read about your day :) sending love <3

  2. Hi Pat, It's been quite a while since I visited your blog. Hope all is well! I feel the same about WA peaches as you do about MI apples. Thought of you recently when we went to the fair and saw a wonderful antique CQ quilt. You'd have loved it and its story. Sorry I've been a bad blogger......

  3. The garden looks nice and good to know to do some cleaning around it. Fall is certainly here.


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